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A Brief History of Concept Cars, 1929-51

Buick 1938 Y-Job

By Michael Lamm.  The concept of concept cars goes back father than most people realize. There’s a common misconception that concept cars began in 1938 with Harley Earl’s Buick Y-Job. I don’t think so. I’d like to mention five concept cars that pre-dated the Y-Job, and I’m sure there were even earlier examples. Here’s a…

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Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

Model T Ford Tractor

Just a few short lines here today on Thanksgiving and a special image of a pre-1917 Model “T” Ford roadster converted into an “auto-tractor.” Fords equipped with kits produced by various makers were often the first tractors used on many farms in the teens’ to increase the yield of their harvest. This tractor has been…

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