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Old Car Dealership Photos – Have We Got a Deal for You

  • dealer6
  • A circa 1926 Nash Dealership with a new Nash and a used Pierce-Arrow

Old car dealership photos are always of interest to us, and we have put together an assortment of pre-war photos, some of which are identified. Just above is the Highland Nash Agency at 6330 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. Out front of the operation are what appear to be a 1926 or 1927 Nash Light-Six Sedan and a late teens or early twenties Pierce-Arrow Touring Car.

dealer1      dealer4      dealer5

On the left above is, the A.E. Tourssen Motor Co. used car lot photographed in May of 1937 in Utah. In the center above is Koeppel Auto Sales, Packard dealership that was located in Jamaica, New York, on Long Island. On the right above is an unknown Studebaker Dealer in 1940 with a photo showing participation in some type of an endurance run.

dealer7      dealer3      dealer8

On the left above is the Beveridge Motor Co., a Model T Ford Dealer photographed circa 1920, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, on East Broadway. The Packard Dealership in the center above is identified as being an Albert Kahn designed facility that was apparently located in New York City. The photo on the right above does not appear to be an actual Auburn Dealers building, but rather has the appearance of being taken at an auto show.

If you can fill in more details or dates on any of the photos above please send us a comment. The photos are via Vintage Automobile Dealerships and Automobilia.

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Finishing Touches on the GM Le Sabre Show Car and a Harley Earl Demonstration

Today we have a pair of short news film clips showing the 1951 Le Sabre show car. It was perhaps the most visionary post-war creation from the GM Art and Colour group guided by Harley Earl, who was assisted by a very talented group of designers. A clay version of the Le Sabre first appeared in the fall of 1950 and the actual car was constructed, finished and shown to the public by July of 1951. The video above showing the finishing touches being applied to the car is courtesy of GM Heritage. 

  • lasabre1
  • Le Sabre promotional photo courtesy of GM Heritage 

This concept car was one of the first post-war automobiles to introduce aircraft design elements such as the wrap-around windshield and the taller and more pronounced tail fins that were incorporated into the car. The Le Sabre pioneered new features such as a dual gasoline and alcohol fuel system, and the use of lightweight materials. In the short film clip below courtesy of British Pathe, you can see Earl activating the moisture sensor which would raise the convertible top if it began raining when the car was unattended.

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1905 Reo Mountaineer Completes a Coast-to-Coast Trip and Return

  • reo1
  • The Reo Mountaineer arriving back in New York City after 12,000 miles 

Percy F. Megargel and David F. Fassett, a skilled mechanic from the Reo Factory, can be seen above right in the Reo Mountaineer, after driving from New York City to Portland, Oregon and return. The trip started in the summer of 1905, and the pair arrived back in New York on June 9, 1906, after having traveled close to 12,000 miles.

Two years earlier, there had been three notable transcons: Jackson and Crocker in the Winton, Whitman and Hammond in the Oldsmobile, and Fetch and Krarup in the Packard, all going from west to east.

  • Reo2      1906 Reo Coast-to-coast      reo3
  •       Full details of the trip in “The Automobile” June 14, 1906 issue

The Automobile, August 17, 1905, issue tells us the reason for the journey: “Mr. Megargel will make the trip in the interest of the American Motor League, of which association he is a member, the main purpose being to gather reliable data with regard to the condition of the roads, the grades to be encountered, streams to be forded, distances from place to place, available stopping places and gasoline supply houses.” 

The top photo is from the Detroit Publishing Company, courtesy of Shorpy. The photo below, from The Horseless Age August 8, 1905 issue, shows Megargel, the Mountaineer and Fassett before leaving New York City in 1905. Full details of the trip can be found in The Automobile June 14, 1906 issue in the center above.


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