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Three Unique Pre-War Automobile Images

The Schoellkopf Co. of Dallas, Texas certainly pulled out all the stops when they assembled this distinctive rig to promote its sales of “Gas and Kerosene Refrigerators.” The tow vehicle appears to be a streamlined 1933 Reo “Flying Cloud” coupe and the trailer by an unknown maker is decorated with a motif of a house,…

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Arcure Motors: Studebaker Sales and Service

In last week’s post titled “Arcure Motors: Studebaker-Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service” we took a look at photos taken in 1960 when the Ann Arbor Studebaker dealership was handling Mercedes-Benz cars. A second search has turned up this set of photos taken earlier in August of 1954 when Arcure Motors owned by Steve Arcure, located on…

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Images Taken on the Packard Assembly Line

Today’s photos were taken on various assembly lines at the Packard plant located on East Grand Blvd. in Detroit, Michigan. The lead image shows workers on the frontend assembly line working on 1940 model Packard grille shells complete with the Packard signature grille insert. The shells are mounted on wooden jigs and the workers tighten…

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