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White Christmas….With A Steam Car

Another splendid White steam car owned by Clinton Atkinson, about whom we have posted before, including his 1909 White model O.  This one is a 1910 model MM, rated at 40hp.  The photo dates to 1916 from the New Hampshire plate that is just visible.  The car is currently undergoing restoration.  Photo courtesy of Bruce…

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Street Scene….Rutland Vermont, 1908

A busy street scene, from 1908. The location is Wales Street in Rutland, VT looking north, just south of Center Street. It appears to have been a one way street, and today it is, but in the opposite direction. Over the years, Rutland Machine & Auto Co. were agents for Buick, Franklin, Chalmers, Studebaker, EMF…

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1909 White

Quite likely, the owner of this fine 1909 White model O steamer stepped down from behind the wheel and took this photograph. The owner was Clinton Atkinson, who we have written about before. He owned Stanleys and at least two Whites. The fate of this car, which bears a 1915 NH plate, is not known…

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1917 Packard

A Packard second series twin six touring and its well attired owner pose in a park like setting. The plate appears to be 1919 CT. The Packard has been fitted with Warner headlamp lenses, and sports an ALA badge on the radiator. The fenderless car behind is hard to identify, but might be a Mercer.

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Young Roller Skaters

These young roller skaters seem to be torn between possibly raiding the pie truck or simply menacing motorists. The car bears a 1923 Illinois plate, but its make, like that of the pie wagon, are a mystery we hope one of our readers can solve. Photo courtesy of prewar Walt.

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Made in Manhattan

A very sporty looking 1919 Noma in what is likely to be a factory photograph. The Noma was built on the lower east side in New York City for only five years (1919 – 1923), and production was low, perhaps only 300 cars. It was an assembled car using either a Beaver or Continental 6…

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A Packed Packard

This 1905 Model N Packard is sure packed – eight occupants by my count – and seems to be holding its own. The engine was an L head rated at 28hp, up 6hp over its predecessor, the model L. A total of 403 were built, of which 4 survive. Photo from the Robert C. Laurens…

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