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Traction Action

Road conditions in the US in the early days of the automobile were truly primitive. These photos show the testing of a device called the American Traction Ring. The ring looks to be half the diameter of the rear wheel. The company was located in White Plains, New York. Can any of our readers identify the…

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Scrub-A-Dub-Model T In A Tub.

In the late 1920s the Neway Auto Wash Bowl was built in Chicago in 1924 by The Newway Auto Cleaning & Service Corp. The car was first run around in the pool of water to flush mud and dirt off of the undercarriage. It was then driven up into a stall and the car was washed in…

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Cover Art-1927

A Modern Art cover on the New Yorker Magazine shows the the Automobile is an integral part of High Society. On a lighter note artist John Held Jr. pokes fun at the driving skills of one of the liberated “flappers” of the 1920s.

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