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Reiber Indian Sales – Washington, DC


This Indian Sales agency in Washington, DC, was operated Herb Reiber who enjoyed a long career in the motorcycle business that began in the twenties, and continued on to the mid-sixties. He first worked for Harley-Davidson as: a service instructor, a rider on the factory hill climb team, and was part of Harley-Davidson’s racing department. He was also instrumental in the building of the 45 CI, V-twin, twin-cam, overhead-valve engine that was campaigned in 1928 on the hill climb circuit.

Later Reiber ran the Indian Motorcycle dealership pictured here, and also handled several other machines built by British makers, including the Vincent, A-J-S, and the Matchless. The photos are courtesy of Art Lumsden and he believes the top image was taken in 1953 and shows the new Indians used by the Park Police to lead the Eisenhower inauguration. The combination showroom and parts department in the late-forties can be seen below. You can visit with the Antique Motorcycle Club of America here. 100s more motorcycle photos can be found here on The Old Motor.


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Signs of the Times – Early Highway Markers in the U.S.


Many younger drivers today barely know what a road map is, so accustomed are they to GPS navigation systems. A time when roads and highways were devoid of even the most basic markings is probably well beyond their imaginings. In those earliest days, intercity travel was the exclusive domain of the railroads. An automobilist had to be a brave and hardy soul to venture very far from town on the poorly marked and undeveloped roads of the day. An article we found in the February, 1907 issue of Good Roads Magazine called not only for improved highways, but made the case that adequate signage was second only to those very necessary upgrades.

sign3      sign4      sign6

In 1905, Homer Sargent Michaels, an automobile agent based in Chicago, developed a clever solution to the problem. He took photographs of every major intersection along a given route and published the results in some very useful books. In New England, the Automobile Green Book issued by the Automobile Legal Association provided road maps and directions to keep the motorist on his desired route. But these efforts were not practical as the number of motorists and cars exploded in the ‘teens and twenties.


It was the pioneering of the Lincoln Highway in 1913, that accelerated the movement for permanent and uniform signage. Although enthusiastic efforts got most of the route marked within the first few months, thirty to fifty percent of those markers fell victim to thieves and vandals within the first year and had to be replaced. The solution was a system of thirty four hundred concrete markers that would not be so easily disturbed.

By the late twenties, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials had worked out a standardized roadway numbering system that continues to serve to this day. Lincoln Highway sign photos from the Peter Helck Collection courtesy of Racemaker Press. Right thumbnail above courtesy of Iowa Public Television. Missouri highway signs photos from 1926 courtesy of the Joe Sonderman Collection.


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Automatic Delivery of the News – The Old Motor Newsletter


The Old Motor Newsletter, which can end up in your email inbox weekly if you subscribe, has been tested and will be ready go very soon. With it, you can access The Old Motor directly from your email inbox by choosing what you would like to view and clicking on the blue link.

It is very easy to sign up.  All you have to do to activate a subscription is to type your email address into the sign up box as seen below. It’s located at the bottom of the advertisements in the left hand column just under the Facebook button. Just click on the Subscribe button.


If you have any old car friends who you believe would like to try viewing The Old Motor, you can also enter their email address and we will send the Newsletter directly to them. It is also very easy to change you email address and to unsubscribe simply by clicking on either the blue Manage the subscription or Unsubscribe links in the bottom left hand corner and it will be automatically taken care of.

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