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Every Childs Dream

Every childs dream come true is shown in the photos of this store. The racks which displayed some of the pedal cars on sale and the test track must have been a true delight for all of the children who visited. From the varity that it appears they have in stock, you could try out…

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Traction Action

Road conditions in the US in the early days of the automobile were truly primitive. These photos show the testing of a device called the American Traction Ring. The ring looks to be half the diameter of the rear wheel. The company was located in White Plains, New York. Can any of our readers identify the…

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Turn Her Around Boys….

Employees turn the big Buick sedan around on the turn table for the terminal manager of a Chicago area railroad. The car as you can see is equipped with special flanged wheels for rail travel. It appears that the boss had the boys keep his car in a high state of polish, look at the…

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