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Vertical Parking Lots…..

A novel way that was used in the past to park cars where space was at a premium. The top photo appears to be early thirties, with an Auburn at the bottom. The photo below looks to be 1954 or later judging by the Chevrolet on the bottom. We are not sure of how the…

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Sammy The Horn Honker

Barbara Booth of New York City often takes her basset hound Sammy along with her on trips in he MG. Although Sammy has picked up an annoying habit of beeping the horn if she leaves him long, as he does not like to be kept waiting. A habit he no doubt picked up from watching…

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The Biggest Bus In The World….

George Schlitz must have thought big, in 1914 he converted the 120 passenger Stephenson bus below, so that it could be pulled by motive power. Previously it was considered to be the largest horse drawn bus in the world and it was pulled by ten horses. George modifi-ed it so that it could be pulled…

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A Little Of This A Little Of That….

US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. Risher, stationed in Wethersfield, England, started out with a Ford Anglia chassis when he decided to build a special. It features the following, wing tanks from a T-33 jet trainer, a cut Chevy hood, Austin Bantam wheels, and a rear window from a 1940s Ford for a windshield.

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Four Times Two

Herr Gotthardt Rimmek, Berlin automobile designer, is shown here with the eight-wheeled passenger car which he designed. He claimed that the car travels over bumps much more smoothly, because the wheels pass over depressions instead of dropping into them. He also stated the obvious that there was much more security in case of axle, tire…

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