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The Columbia

Recently we took a look at two other Goodyear blimps and since then a photo of the Columbia dated 1931 has turned up. We also found this colorful postcard of popular St. Petersburg, Fla., a favorite winter destination years ago, showing a blimp at work ad-vertising for the tire and rubber company.

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Blowing Smoke Rings….

One of the most enduring images of Times Square (in New York) is the Camel Man. The Camel Man blew smoke rings around the clock for decades from a billboard mounted on the Claridge Hotel on Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets. The billboard became a New York fixture for 25 years until the hotel,…

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The Mayflower And The Defender

Goodyear Tire Company promotional photos dated during 1929, showing the smaller sized Mayflower above with Edward Howland Robinson Green in his electric car. Green was from Buzzards Bay Mass. and this photo could have possibly been taken there. The comment below by Robert Cunningham contains more information about him and the car. Below is the Defender…

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Signs Of Past Times

The Sign above, from Wartrace, Tennesse, 1959. Below left, Charlottesville, Virginia, a sign that was supposed to read “Food Of All Foods,” 1958. Second from left, the UK, 1958. Third from left , Detroit, 1948. Far right, Anderson, Indiana, 1959

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