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French Automotive Poster Art


Today we have a series of early posters printed by the color lithography process that was perfected in the 1870s, thereby allowing printers to produce them in larger quantities. In our first post on French poster art, you can learn how artist and printer Jules Cheret further developed the three stone lithographic process to allow the more vivid use of color. This new type of poster soon became popular for advertising the automobile and the motorcycle when both came upon the scene shortly afterwards.

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Today we are sharing with you some of a fresh selection of colorful poster art that Isabelle Bracquemond has come across recently. In the meantime, you can take a look back at our second posting of French poster art and learn more about Ernest Montaut who was perhaps the most famous of all early transportation artists. You can also look back at the work by other automotive artists including Peter Helck here on The Old Motor.


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The Presentation of Automotive Subjects as Fine Art at

The site has joined with The Old Motor to show some of their extraordinary work in the field of the automotive fine art. Above and below is a just a small sample of what you’ll find when you visit Artist and publisher Jay Koka had the following to say of this effort at it’s start:

“Our name is and, while we are not funded by the AFAS organization, it’s activities and the work of it’s members are prominent in our publication. There are a number of reasons for this. First and not coincidentally, I am a member and have been for over 20 years. Second, the organization’s membership represents many of the finest automotive fine artists working today. That’s not to say that there are no fine artists that are not members. In fact there are many and we welcome them and look forward to presenting their work in our publication. However there is no escaping the fact that the AFAS and its members have contributed immensely to the advancement and acceptance of automotive themed art as “fine” art.

  • Just three examples of the fine art you can view at

The roots of automotive-themed art are undeniably commercial in nature. The first automotive-themed painting or drawing was executed 12 minutes after the first car was built. And automotive fine artists have worked for 100 years to distance themselves from both advertising and engineering based art in an effort to present art with a message that goes beyond “here is XYZ car and isn’t it lovely”.

Take a few moments to visit with them at where you can view the most recent August 2013 issue and also take a look back on their earlier work.

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Lock Up Your Dogs, Chickens, Pigs and Children – An adventure that you cannot resist!

Thanks to reader Antonio Lombardi for bringing our attention to the trailer (below), which we think you will really enjoy, of the upcoming movie Pistons, Passions, & Sicilian Pleasures. You can learn all about the production in which the two main charters are Ignazio Florio and Felice Nazzaro and a plot that involves the famous Targa Florio automobile race. View the video and see some interesting prewar racing cars and the beautiful countryside in Sicily. You can also learn more about it at Upfolds Media.

1928 Targa Florio : Count Conelli’s Bugatti (above) by Peter Helck courtesy of the Helck Family.

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