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Car-A-Day – Automotive Art by Rob Ijbema

Nazzaro - FIAT - Targa Florio 1907

Rob Ijbema’s impressionist style of artwork caught our eye several years ago as it captures the momentary, sensory effect of a racing scene and its action. Ijbema of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a very prolific artist, whose subject is mostly racing art that he exhibits for sale on his website called Car -A-Day. He updates his…

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French Automotive Poster Art

Today we have a series of early posters printed by the color lithography process that was perfected in the 1870s, thereby allowing printers to produce them in larger quantities. In our first post on French poster art, you can learn how artist and printer Jules Cheret further developed the three stone lithographic process to allow the more vivid use of…

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The Automotive Fine Arts Society

From the earliest days of motoring, advertising was the primary venue for auto-related art. Accomplished painters like Peter Helck produced some very high quality work from the 1920’s through the 1940’s but for the most part the fine art community considered such stuff mere illustration. However, in recent years, the genre has come into it’s…

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French Automotive Poster Art

The evolution of poster art has always been closely linked to advances in printmaking, notably lithography. The lithographic process was first invented by Alois Senefelder in Germany around 1780. It was not until Jules Cheret of France learned the three stone lithographic process in the 1860s and developed it further, which allowed lithographers to produce a wide spectrum of colors…

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