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*Updated* An Intriguing American Underslung Traveler Coupe


After our recent coverage of the American Underslung, Layden Butler posted this photo of one wearing an exquisite closed body that was photographed in Southern California. Having seen this photo before, and after our recent research, an advertisement in December 1912 issue of Country Life in America came to mind showing the illustration of an artists rendering below.


This 1913 American Traveler Limousine is described as having the following features: center-drive from the left, interior finishings of the finest goat skin and taffeta, it is electrically lighted and started, the car’s complement of passengers is five beside the driver, is priced at $6,000 complete. An article in the December 14, 1912 Automobile Topics below describes the”Bulbous Flare” of the 1913 American Traveler Limousine.

  •                      amp1                        amp2

*Update* Ariejan Bos has determined that the American in the top photo was a Traveler coupe and was on the market only in 1912. The company built coupes and limousines both in the Traveler and the Tourist category. The Tourist Coupe was a more classical coupe in ‘normal’ colonial style. The Traveler Limousine was a bit of an outsider by its rounded back; all other closed bodies were rather rectangular.


The advertisement above was found in the November 30, 1912, issue of Automobile Topics showing the 1913 American Tourist Limousine, and gives more details of the closed cars. The 1913 models are listed elsewhere as follows: the Scout as a 30hp four-cylinder on a 105-inch wb., the Tourist as a 50hp four-cylinder on a 118-inch wb., and the Traveler as a 60hp four-cylinder on a 140-inch wb. Included in the lineup was a Scout Coupe.

Photos below courtesy of Ariejan Bos show: the American Traveler Limousine, its plush interior and the Scout Coupe. You can find our earlier American and Norwalk Underslung coverage here.

ar1      ar2      ar3

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Vintage Women and the Automobile

  • A1
  • A circa 1910 Alco Seven Passenger Touring car.

Today being a quite Sunday is the perfect time for something a little different than our everyday car coverage. It has been a while since our post last fall covering women’s involvement with the automobile, both driving and accompanying them. At that time we covered the Concours D’Elegance in France, but most of today’s eclectic selection of photos are from back home here in America.

The photos in this post begin at 1906 and range on up to about 1934. The mix includes racing cars, an electric pulling an ice conditioning machine, a ballerina on a radiator cap and a number of Hollywood film stars. We will describe and caption them the best we can, but if you can add anything to a cars description please do. All photos are courtesy of Vintage Women. You can also see hundreds of other photos showing women’s involvement with the automobile here.

  • A2      W2      W5
  • 1906 BLM, Marie Foster - Elsie Janis with Vanderbilt Cup Race drivers, 1906 - Anna Held a Ziegfeld girl in a 1910 Mercer.

  • W3      W4      A3
  • Actress Dorothy Klewer and a ice-grooming machine, 1917 – Hope Hampton and a 1922 Oldsmobile – An unknown ballerina on a 1927 Chevrolet radiator cap.

  • A5      A6      A7
  • Actress Peggy Worth, 1924 - Actress Natalie Kingston and the Jackman Special, 1927 –  Actress Anita Page and a 1928 Packard Phaeton.

  • A8      A9      A10
  • Unknown with a Bugatti – Actress Dolores del Rio and a Model “A” Ford – Actress Mae West and a 1931 Lincoln Dual-Cowl Sport Phaeton – Below an Unknown Hollywood starlet and a Packard. 


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“You Can’t Beat A Nash” – Delevan Lake, Wisconsin, August 14, 1937


Our photo depicts the Nash Motors’ Office Girls’ Annual Summer Picnic at the Lake Lawn Lodge on a warm summer’s day. Delavan Lake was located about fifty miles west of the Nash factory in Kenosha, so the ride out there must have been quite refreshing. However, what got our attention in these images are the stylish tractors hauling these happy ladies around.

As  far as we know, Nash sold no trucks between 1931 and 1946 although they did build a few in subsequent years. We are guessing that these are Willys export models or something like that, but that is only a guess. So today we present this as a challenge for our readers who like a mystery to solve. Please send in a comment if you have any clues or can identify them. Many more Wisconsin made cars and trucks can be seen here. Photo courtesy of the University of Wisconsin Library.


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