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Teeth Don’t Fail Me Now…..

A women pulling an automobile with her teeth in publicity stunt in San Jose, California, 1926. I have a different photo of a man preforming the same stunt in the early 1930s. I have the feeling that these athletes toured the country and would preform this stunt for any car dealer willing to pay their…

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Women On The Job…..

This photo shows women working on two different engines in Los Angeles. The engine in the foreground is an EMF four circa 1910-12. The engine in the background and the story behind this image are unknown but I it find it to be a very intriguing photograph.

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Teachers Pets

Back in the period of 1900-1920s, the automobile was a very new object of transportation, fun and learning. Automobile schools cropped up everywhere to teach the people the care and feeding of these new machines which changed everyones life. This photo shows an unknown school of some sort which was teaching women either how to…

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