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Selling Steel with Style, Part IV

Some grilles and grins today, both pre-war and post, in more of those factory press release photos that we so enjoy. It looks like that’s a heavily retouched 1941 Nash Ambassador above, but frankly we can’t tell it apart from the lesser models by outward appearance alone. Apparently, Vera West was a Hollywood costume designer….

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Selling Steel with Style, Part III

Four more examples today of those wonderful advertising images that were intended to lure buyers into the new car showrooms. It’s November 11, 1940 and the photographer dressed up his model in fur and the latest pillbox hat (above), but had to resort to some serious post session retouching of the bumper, grille and headlights…

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Selling Steel with Style Part II

Here at The Old Motor, we really like these promotional press release photos. Today we have a quartet of quality and chrome from Nash and Chrysler Corp. Their flagship 1937 Nash Ambassador Eight in our featured image above was shot on November 14, 1936 and exhibits a level of Art Deco ornamentation that few other cars…

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Selling Steel with Style

These promotional press photos don’t quite have the same panache of Fred Cole’s immortal Jordan Playboy ads, but we at The Old Motor find them appealing in their own right. While the young lady above doesn’t seem to have entirely grasped the concept of headlight aiming, we think she does makes a positive contribution to…

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