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The Earl M. Carr Pepper Gasoline Station – Lexington, Kentucky

pepper gasoline 1

This photo appears to show opening day in 1939 at Earl M. Carr’s Pepper Gasoline station. It was located at North Broadway and Belt Line Avenue, Northeast of the center of Lexington, Kentucky. At the time, judging by the scene in the background, the gas station was located with the areas famous horse farms.

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The gas station in itself is interesting in that the building is actually an old streetcar that was gutted, equipped with restrooms, an office and named Two Carrs. Pepper Gasoline was produced by the Ashland Oil and Refining Company that was founded in 1924 in Ashland, Kentucky. Ashland Inc. is in business to this day and produces Valvoline Motor Oil and other products. The Lafayette Studios photograph is courtesy of the University of Kentucky.

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An Associated Gas Station Grand Opening – Portland, Oregon 1938

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  • An Associated Oil Company Gasoline Station opening, Portland, Oregon 

The spotlights are blazing above at an Associated Oil Company Gasoline Station opening at Southwest Broadway and West Burnside in Portland, Oregon in 1938. According to Vintage Portland, this gas station replaced the Hotel Scott building. The local business that ran this particular operation was the Cummings Tire Company. This image is the 2nd colorized photo that we have featured here by Patty Allison, and you can see her earlier photo of an Oldsmobile Dealership here. 

gas2      gas3      gas4

The Associated Oil Company was formed in 1901 when over thirty oil producers in the Kern River Oil Field in California were joined together by W.S. Portor; the pipe salesman hoped to build a pipeline to carry the oil north to San Francisco, but it is unclear if he succeeded.

In 1932, Associated introduced the Flying A brand which at the time represented its premium gasoline. The famous logo can be seen on the building next to the gas pump island. You can see the un-colorized version of the photo here at Vintage Portland, and below is a view of the front of the station during the opening. The facility has not survived and has been replaced by modern buildings. The photos are courtesy of Mike Slama.


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A Packard Roadster at Thompson’s Variety Store


In a scene repeated in small towns all across North America in the twenties is this view of Thompson’s Variety Store in Northbrook, Ontario, Canada, taken in 1928. The town is located roughly half way between Ottawa and Toronto, in a sparsely populated area. The store like most in small towns, was where the citizens regularly met each other in addition to being the place to purchase groceries and gasoline.

This store was built during 1915 after the first one burnt down and it continued on until being torn down to built the area’s first supermarket in 1983. Can our readers tell us more about the exact year and model of the sporty Packard Roadster, and more about the visible pump used to dispense Imperial Gasoline? See more period photos of small town life around the store at the CDHS.

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