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Old Car Dealership Photos – Have We Got a Deal for You

  • dealer6
  • A circa 1926 Nash Dealership with a new Nash and a used Pierce-Arrow

Old car dealership photos are always of interest to us, and we have put together an assortment of pre-war photos, some of which are identified. Just above is the Highland Nash Agency at 6330 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. Out front of the operation are what appear to be a 1926 or 1927 Nash Light-Six Sedan and a late teens or early twenties Pierce-Arrow Touring Car.

dealer1      dealer4      dealer5

On the left above is, the A.E. Tourssen Motor Co. used car lot photographed in May of 1937 in Utah. In the center above is Koeppel Auto Sales, Packard dealership that was located in Jamaica, New York, on Long Island. On the right above is an unknown Studebaker Dealer in 1940 with a photo showing participation in some type of an endurance run.

dealer7      dealer3      dealer8

On the left above is the Beveridge Motor Co., a Model T Ford Dealer photographed circa 1920, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, on East Broadway. The Packard Dealership in the center above is identified as being an Albert Kahn designed facility that was apparently located in New York City. The photo on the right above does not appear to be an actual Auburn Dealers building, but rather has the appearance of being taken at an auto show.

If you can fill in more details or dates on any of the photos above please send us a comment. The photos are via Vintage Automobile Dealerships and Automobilia.

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The Sunday Edition No. IV – The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge – An Amazing Colorized Old Photograph – Early Locomobiles – A Used Car Lot

Have a spare month, a reliable old car and want to go on the adventure of a lifetime? Check out the video above that takes you on the 2013 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. The fifth running of the 8000 mile long event was conducted by The Endurance Rally Association with a wide variety cars, some dating all the way back to the teens. Follow along as a tough and adventurous group of people in 96 cars face trials and tribulations as they drive from Beijing to Paris.


Patty Allison enjoys the popular pastime of colorizing old photographs and she has done an exceptional job on this one of an Oldsmobile Agency. The original image was taken during 1950 in Brooklyn, New York. Look for more of her work here soon, it’s special.


This a photo of a Locomobile Club gathering in the Philadelphia area. The image is filled with what appear to be 1904 models. It is courtesy of H.Binney Beale, who has shared with us interesting photos of the Locomobile and Fiat cars that his grandfather Horace Beale Jr. owned when new; he is behind the wheel of his car on the far left.


And finally Clayton Smith has sent in this photo of a used car lot that apparently was in Lancaster, Ohio. It looks like the Chevrolet was the house favorite with the dealer as the front row is filled with 1931 through 1937 models.

This new Sunday Edition is for reader contributions, please join in and share with other vintage car enthusiasts from all around the world. If you have a great photo, know of an excellent video or story, contact us here and include your full name so we can credit your submission. If you have a photo to submit, we will send you an email address you can forward it to.

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Vintage Trucking in Hillsborough, New Hampshire


Today we have a pair of trucks that are a couple of decades apart in age, both of which were photographed in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Above is a James L. Ellsworth Express trailer pulled by an early 1930s Diamond T tractor at Eaton’s Furniture Store, probably delivering some fresh merchandise.

The image below shows a heavy-duty Chevy pickup truck equipped with a Mustang towing unit. It is displayed out in front the Heath Motors Sales building, a Chevrolet dealer. The sideboard displayed with it was for the City Ignition Garage in Nashua, some thirty miles away. Apparently the Garage had bought the truck new from Heath.

We have been helping the Hillsborough, New Hampshire Historical Society, date and identify the vehicles in the Societies collection of images. If you can help, tell us more about both of these machines, including the year, model and the rated capacity. You can also look back at many other interesting images from the Society here.


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