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The Taylor Tire Company – Service During Tough Times

  • taylor1
  • The Taylor Tire Company in 1934

The Taylor Tire Company of Lexington, Kentucky opened this new facility, during the trying times at the beginning the Great Depression on November 15, 1930. The organization must have had some strong backing and good management to make it through the next half-a-dozen or more difficult years. The photo above dating from 1934 shows considerable activity at the service facility that was located at East Vine and Southeastern Avenue.

  • taylor2      taylor3      taylor4
  • Lube and brake service – Opening day 1930 – Lube and oil service

The changes that can be seen during the years by studying the photos show that the Company first was a dealer for B.F.Goodrich tires in 1930 at its opening. Later in 1934, Taylor was handling Seiberling tires and Pepper Gasolines. By 1937, the year the photo on the right above was taken, the brake-testing machine visible in the left image had been removed, the walls and floor were painted and a more modern lubrication system had been installed. The Photographer’s truck is on the lift in this image.

The photo below dated 1932 shows a weathered early Model A Ford, a popular work truck at the time, doing duty as a mobile tire service truck. Note the air tank mounted behind the cab with the remains of a Pepper Ethel decal on its end. The photos are courtesy of the University of Kentucky. 


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The Freemont Garage – Hoyt’s Ford Garage


Today we have postcard photographs of two garages for you to peruse, and while doing so maybe you can help to identify some of the vehicles at the establishments. The location of the Freemont Garage above is unknown, but we do know from looking at the front window that the shop handled both the Chalmers and the Jeffery.

There are no leaves on the trees in the background which should eliminate Fremont, California. We have found garages with the same name in Lander, Wyoming, Fremont, North Carolina and Freemont, Nebraska. Can anyone identify the location or the speedster out front?


This Ford Dealership is long gone, but the building has survived and is located at 242 Village Street in Concord, New Hampshire. Penacook is part of the northern end of the city of Concord and the building appears to be located on Route Three, a north to south artery. Let us know if you can to identify the non-Fords in the circa 1912 photo. Both images are from the MTFCA Fourm, and you can learn all there is to know about the Model T Ford at the MTFCA website.

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Chauffeur Peter Christian Wick and the Wiggin Family Fiat

  • wick1
  • Chauffeur Peter Christian Wick posing with an early FIAT.

This set of photos is part of a series of images showing cars that were driven by Peter Christian Wick, during his carreer as a professional chauffeur. His Grandson Peter Wick, has determined that he worked for four different men in the New York City area and in Ridgefield, Connecticut, where at least one of them had a home.

He first worked for Richard P. Hart from March 1, 1903, to September 1, 1906, and drove a White Steam car for him. Wick next piloted two other White Steam cars for George Howe for one year and three months until January 3, 1908. It appears that he may have begun his work early in 1908 for Mr. Wiggin, who was the chairman of the Chase Bank. Earlier we looked at a photo of Wick posing with a circa 1906 Rainer.

  • wick2      wick3      wick4
  • Wiggins family members and Peter Christian Wick posing with the FIAT.

While working for Mr. Wiggins, one of the two or more cars that he drove was this circa 1906 or later roadster with a mother-in-law seat. We have been able to identify it as being a Fiat, and possibly as a 24/40 h.p. model. The left-hand photo above shows L to R: Muriel Wiggin, the youngest daughter, her sister Marjorie and Mrs. Wiggins probably in front of the house in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

The center image above shows Wick behind the wheel and the FIAT plaque can be clearly seen on the right-hand top corner of the dashboard; we are hoping a reader can date the license plate and possibly the car with state registry information. The right-hand photo may again show Marjorie and Mrs. Wiggin; this photo is in front of the carriage house.

The Scott & Lewis Garage seen below was on Main Street in Ridgefield, and we see the Fiat with Wick and a group of gentleman. On the left, can be seen a formal-looking town car with a collapsible top. Some of these men may have worked for the garage or may have been chauffeurs for other families in the well-to-do town sixty miles to the Northeast of New York City. We will return with more of the Wiggin’s cars in the near future.


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