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Ford Garage

A post card of Bronson’s Ford garage in Shaftsbury, VT, a tidy establishment without a car in sight. In the front window, you can see what looks like a Model T steering wheel and a candlestick telephone. The sign leaning against the building at right reads “Maxwell.”

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Well Dressed Mechanics

An interesting photo of a couple of young gentleman, one of which has what appears to be a Cadillac cylinder and head assembly in his lap. Can an early Cadillac expert tell us if it the car behind them is in fact a Cadillac? The car has an L-head engine, as it only has one camshaft….

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A Woman Mechanic

A woman is shown in this photo taken in New York during 1915, working on an early Chevrolet four cylinder. I have a feeling this may possibly be a promotional photo for suffragette movement, when women were working to get the right to vote. Note the posters in the windshield area of the car. The 19th Amendment…

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