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The Mercedes-Studebaker Alliance

The automobile manufacturing and sales business is a challenging and ever changing arena. This photo from St. Petersburg, Fla. dated Sept. 9, 1957, shows us back in the time when Mercedes and the Studebaker Corp. had a merger of dealership facilities. Mercedes trying to get better established, had an arrangement with Studebaker to have some…

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A Type 57 Bugatti

An attractive Type 57 Bugatti coupe is seen in this photo from the Alden Handy album, once again in NYC near J. S. Inskip’s imported car emporium. The photo is dated as being taken in 1951 and we notice that it is wearing a foreign plate indicting it may have been here with a visitor….

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An XK120 Jaguar at Hoffman Motors, NYC

A photo from the Alden Handy album that was taken on October 1, 1949. The car is identifi-ed as a 1950 XK120. The photo with Handy’s note was; “Taken on Park Avenue, New York City, Hoffman’s in the background”. The Hoffman dealership was quite well known and at this time during 1949, the signs on the…

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Rutland Machine and Automobile Co.

This is the last in a series of photos we have showing the Rutland Machine and Auto-mobile Co. This photo was taken in 1924, during what appears to be a promotional 125 hour non-stop run to demonstrate the Overland that they were handling at the time. Note the very unusual mounting of the two front springs…

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Dave’s Super Service

Dave’s Super Service, appears to have used this Harley-Davidson to pickup customers cars at their home or work location, which was a common thing to do at the time. The operator then attached a clamp-on hitch to the cars rear bumper and used it to tow the bike back to the shop with to the device…

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