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The Brubaker Motor Company, Litchfield, Illinois c.1950

The icononic “bowtie” logo is visible all over Brubaker Chevrolet’s building and service vehicles in Litchfield, Illinois in our photo today. It’s truly one of the most recognizable symbols in American advertising. And among vintage truck lovers, Chevy’s post-war “Advance-Design” truck restyle is as easily as identified with the brand as that well known trademark….

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A.W. Carter “Gives New Life to Your Motor”

In a spotless service bay at A.W. Carter’s Hudson dealership, we find a technician demonstrating the workings of a state-of-the-art King Motor and Ignition Tester to a car owner on April 6, 1936 in a posed publicity shot. We found an ad in the December, 1935 issue of the Automobile Trade Journal (below) that describes all of the test…

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