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Marysville, California – “The Gateway to The Gold Fields”

Quite a few years had passed since the booming days of the California Gold Rush when Marysville earned that nickname, but it looks like Messers. Becker and Merz were still managing to do okay, even in the early 1930′s. Becker’s Auto Service (above) had just about everything covered with a wide variety of products and services, while Charles Merz‘ professional name, “The Tire Doctor”, promised a more specialized field of expertise. His heavy duty service car, an International of about 1930 vintage, seems ready for anything. Photos courtesy of Alden Jewell.

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Why You Need a New Nash – Lexington, Kentucky, 1946

Even though car dealers could easily sell anything with four wheels and an engine in the years immediately following World War II, Cooke Motors of Lexington, Kentucky went to great lengths to show eager buyers why they should choose a new Nash. No doubt they wanted to draw attention to it’s unique Unitized Construction, clearly visible in the center thumbnail (below). First introduced on the 1941 models, the weight saving achieved by the elimination of a separate frame, coupled with efficient six cylinder engines and overdrive transmissions allowed for superior gas mileage.


This performance, highly valued during the years of gas rationing, was proudly proclaimed on the big banner on the wall behind the parts counter in the first thumbnail (below). You can see an excellent photo featured here earlier on The Old Motor of a 1946 Nash. For more information about the postwar Nashes and other related makes, visit the Nash Car Club of America. Lafayette Studios photo courtesy of the University of Kentucky.

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Moving the Metal in Houston – Texas Ford Dealers

It looks like someone might get a pretty good deal on a clean Deuce Fordor sedan on the day that this photo was taken at Jack Roach Ford in 1935. It was the “Daily Radio Used Car Special”, a promotion that five other Houston area dealers apparently participated in. There’s still a Ford dealer doing business in Houston using the name Jack Roach today, some 78 years later. Top photo courtesy of Traces of Texas. Bottom photo courtesy of the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum (scroll down).

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