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Osage, West Virginia

This photo of Osage, WV shows how in many towns and cities at one time the train came right down Main Street. Later as time went by and the automobile really took over, the tracks were relocated elsewhere and the train became second fiddle.

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Stanley Model F

A 1906 or early 1907 Stanley model F touring, with a 1907 VT plate registered to John S. Patrick of Burlington, VT. Mr. Patrick did not have the car steamed up when the photo was taken (by Mr. Homer Locke), because we can see the throttle is wide open — the lever on the steering…

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Gray’s Harbor Steam-Powered Bus

A wonderful steam powered bus from Hoquiam, Washington State. From the appearance of this bus and after studing photos of others, passengers were allowed to ride on the top of some of them. There appears to be a ladder going the back wall and foot rails on the roof. The photo is dated 1902.

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