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Whistling Billy

This colorized postcard shows two White Steam racing cars, the one in the foreground was a quite famous racer, which was called Whistling Billy, because the burner made quite a noise at speed. Following it is what appears to be a stripped down standard model White at the Dallas Fairgrounds track . Follow this link to the Steam Car Club of Great Britain where you can read more about its history and also see a replica that is being built.

Whistling Billy was entered in the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup trial race but suffered engine problems. The car also ran in the Vanderbilt Cup race and was is listed as running when the race was finished, but it had only covered five of the ten laps, after many problems. The second photo below is from the June 1o, 1905 issue of Autocar. The Old Motor photo

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A Road Grading Crew In Iowa

What appears to be a Case Steam tractor leads the way for this five man grading crew somewhere near Stratford, Iowa. The two men on the engine were the operator and the possibly the fireman who is posing on the wheel. The grader the engine is pulling has a two man crew and bringing up the rear is a water wagon. Behind the crew is a high wheeler and at the far right a wagon with a team. The Old Motor photo.

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The Firehall Auto Brigade

Proud firefighters are seen posing in is circa 1910 photo taken in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. On the left is an earlier steam-powered rig with two men on the massive steering wheel, the engine may possibly be an Amoskeag like Jumbo. We have seen photos of the other two types of gasoline powered rigs on the right before but cannot identify them, but we are confidant that our readers will be able to fill in the details. The Old Motor postcard.

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Queen Of The Great Lakes

The Milwaukee Clipper has a long and very interesting history. It was originally built for the Pennsilvania Railroad in 1904, was named the Juniata and was used between Duluth, MN and Buffalo, NY. In 1941 after being sold and modernized it was renamed the Milwaukee Clipper, the the ship then traveled between Muskegon, MI and Milwaukee, WI for the next 29 years. This posed press photo possibly taken in 1958 was published in 1960. The Old Motor photo.

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