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Steam Tractors

As you all know, previous to the steam tractor all pulling work on the farm was done with horses or oxen. Steam allowed farms to grow in size as more work could be done and also allowed other types of work to be preformed because these tractors could be used as stationary power plants. The…

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1913 Stanley

Friend F. Baker, Sr. poses with his 1913 Stanley model 78 in California (probably Hollywood) in 1917. Mr. Baker owned the car in 1917 and 1918. He wrote this interesting account, attesting to the car’s hill climbing abilities and his wife Annabel’s capabilities piloting the car. “In 1917 Cahuenga Pass was crooked and steep and…

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Early steam race

Thanks to Ivan Pozega for research on this one. We believe this was a 5 mile race for steamers only, at Aquidneck Trotter Park, in Rhode Island, on September 6, 1900 (ten half-mile laps). Driving the car at left is John Jacob Astor, IV who came in second. What is the young lad doing in…

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1906 Stanley

A fleet footed 1906 Stanley model H. This car had the 20hp dry sump engine. At rest, the fine attire makes for a nice photograph. At speed, one would be well advised to wear different clothing and protective eye wear!

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Well….We Thought It Would Be OK?

This very graphic photo shows a steam engine which has crashed thru a bridge during harvest season in the Mid-West. Many bridges that were adequate for earlier traffic crushed under the weight of the heavy machines of the new century. It appears that no one was hurt, as the crew is posing for this photo…

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