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Novelty Cars – A Fun Friday Newsreel Film

* Updated * Novelty Cars is a short 1:18 film produced in the typical British Pathe newsreel fashion, and contains three attention-getting early vehicles: an interesting motor sleigh driven by a propeller; a primitive cycle car, and what appears to be steam car that is equipped with locomotive-like bodywork. * Update * Reader Johnny Ringo has…

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The Doble Model A & B Prototypes

Abner Doble at the wheel of his Model “B” roadster The Doble brothers’ dedication to the use of steam power in automobiles bordered on the fanatical. Long after others had abandoned the concept, their continued devotion to the type would eventually result in some of the most remarkable steamers ever produced. Our article today deals…

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Full Steam Ahead – Leon Serpollet

The 1902 “Oeuf de Pâques” (Easter Egg) Land Speed Record Holder Leon Serpollet and his brother Henri, early French steam car pioneers, worked together to perfect the flash tube boiler that introduced an efficient and new way produce steam. The exact date that their innovative system was first built appears to be unknown, but after further development it…

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