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Unique 1930s Wrecker out on the Job

One look at this truck with a wrecked mid-1930s coupe on board told us that this wasn’t your run of the mill International tow truck used for bringing in inoperable or crashed cars. After some thought, it appears that this machine may have been an old rigger’s truck pressed into service by Andrew Murphy &…

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Got Milk? The Rosedale Dairy Product Mobile

Up until now, we haven’t seen any Product Mobile images, which are as sharp and detailed as this set of photos of the “Rosedale” Dairy milk bottle vehicle. It appears that the Dairy and the Mehse-Baker Ford Agency, both located in Laramie, WYO, entered a partnership with this promotional vehicle that benefited both firms. Apparently,…

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Refrigerator and German Lover Cigar Automobiles

Our recent post “Before there was Greyhound” showed how large cars were used for “stages” before buses were commercially available. The same situation existed before light trucks entered the market place. To meet the need, automobiles were converted into light trucks by having a coachbuilder construct a commercial body on a automobile chassis. The J.M….

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