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Heavy Haulers – A GMC Moving Van and a Nash Flatbed

1915 GMC Moving Van

The development of the motor truck lagged behind that of the car, but by 1910 a number of companies that manufactured trucks had developed sturdy units that could handle heavy loads. Many of the early makers used chain-driven beam axles until the development of the heavy duty shaft-driven differential was worked out. The GMC Model H, 3…

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*Updated* The Sunday Edition No. XII – Times Square – Daytona Beach – VSCC Herefordshire Trials – A North Dakota Mystery

Smoking Camel Cigarette billboard in Times Square

Reader Frank Sims sent in this colorized version of the photo (above) taken during 1943 in New York City by Farm Security Administration photographer John F. Vachon. Frank is hopeful that our readers can identify the maker of the transit buses. The image shows the famous Smoking Camel Cigarette billboard in Times Square that was designed by Douglas Leigh and…

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Evansville Indiana Purchases a Motorized Patrol Wagon

1915 Cadillac Police Patrol Wagon

By Lieutenant Dan DeYoung:  The Evansville Indiana Police Department is celebrating its 150th anniversary, and I am on the committee that is creating a commemorative yearbook. This entailed digging through our archives of old photographs.This image shows the first Motorized Patrol Wagon the City purchased. Department folklore claimed it was a Ford Model T, but being knowledgeable…

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Henry Ford’s Model TT Truck at Work at the Factory and the Farm

Henry Ford was well-known as being one of the most frugal of the captains of industry in the early part of the last century. He had everything possible done in house and under his control. The photo above shows one of a fleet of Model TT Ford Trucks that was outfitted for hauling drinking water around…

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The Taylor Tire Company – Service During Tough Times

The Taylor Tire Company in 1934 The Taylor Tire Company of Lexington, Kentucky opened this new facility, during the trying times at the beginning the Great Depression on November 15, 1930. The organization must have had some strong backing and good management to make it through the next half-a-dozen or more difficult years. The photo…

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The Western Clippers Designed by Brooks Stevens

One of the late 1930s Western Clippers Designed by Brooks Stevens Brooks Stevens was one of the most successful and prolific American industrial designers in the pre and post-World War II era. His firm Brooks Stevens Industrial Design produced concepts and visions for everything from coffee pots and kitchenware to the design of the famous Olympian Hiawatha…

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Route 66 Photos from the Joe Sonderman Collection

Here are a pair of interesting photos from the Joe Sonderman Collection and hopefully we can help him identify some of the vehicles in the photographs. The Weight Station above was on Route 66 somewhere in Franklin County, Missouri. The officer’s car appears to be a 1942 Chevrolet, but what can our readers tell us about…

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An Early 1930s Chrysler Coupe and a Modern Trailer at Westinghouse Week

An early 1930s Buick and a radio-equipped trailer. It looks like it things were happening at the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington, Kentucky for a Westinghouse Week promotion to try to sell appliances during the Great Depression. The L’Air Brothers and their advertising car and trailer equipped for radio broadcasting were set up to help draw…

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