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Studebaker Cab-Over

This mid to late thirties Studebaker cab-over truck with art deco styling shows the trend for many future trucks. By putting the cab directly over the engine, valuable space was saved that enabled the truck to carry more cargo. While popular with trucking companies, they were not favorites of truckers in warm climates as the…

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The Gilmore Oil Company

Earl Gilmore on the left and an associate pose with a tanker that may have only been used for promotional needs. It is outlined in neon and I wonder if it may have possibly had an on board generator to power the lighting. Maybe one of our readers knows more about this very unique truck?…

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Oh Heck

A crowd surrounds this 1906-07 Reo with “Riverside Restaurant” and “Heck’s Ice Cream” emblazoned on the side. From the looks on the faces, it doesn’t seem anyone is too excited over either prospect.

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