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Rumley Oil Pull…..

A very nice image of a Rumely 15-30 Single Cylinder kerosene burning tractor taken during 1912. This photo appears to be take somewhere out in the Plains States during the big expansion westward. I have seen one of these running in person and they literally shake the ground.

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Quaker Oats

An International truck leaving a granary in Saskatoon, Canada in the late 1920s. Be sure to look at the enlargement of this incredibly clear image that may have been a publicity photo for International or Quaker Oats.

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Home Sweet Model T.

All the comforts of home including lace curtains, this incredible motorhome was built around a Ford Model TT truck chassis. It is a very ornate version of one of the earliest RV’s and it looks like it even has stained glass in the top panels.

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Really Old Motors….

These three photos show some incredible stationary engines that were built by the Kahlenberg Bros. of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. They have been in business since 1895 and built some of the earliest diesel engines in the county. Their specialty was boat and stationary engines of quite some size. They are still owned by the same family but…

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A Monster Winther Snowblower

We are in the middle of an old fashioned New England blizzard this morning with snow coming down at the rate of two inches an hour. This lead me to thinking about photos with snow, but then I remembered these incredible photos of Winther rotary snow plows as they called them at the time. This…

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* Updated * The Woodstock, Vermont Electric bus

*Update * According to the weekly newspaper published in Woodstock (the Vermont Standard), Arthur Wilder (manager of the Woodstock Inn) and Wilfred Smith went to Boston in May, 1913 and saw this vehicle displayed at the Mechanical Building, and subsequently acquired it. The paper states that it was made by General Motors Truck Co. I hope…

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Big Oil

An oil field hand in Texas posing in his late Model T Ford roadster. It is equipped with a rack on the back for carrying tooling. In the background is what appears to possibly be a pair of FWD trucks with oil field equipment on the back.

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