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The Harland Krause Motorcycle Photo Album

antique harley-davidson at an endurance run

This is our second post covering images from the Harland Krause photo album. He was active in motorcycling and the sport of hill climbing for twenty or thirty years in both the Beloit, Wisconsin and Rockford, Illinois areas. It appears he may have been friends with, or later rode a hill climb machine for Claude…

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Motorcycles and Hill Climbing in the Beloit, Wisconsin Area

1920s Indian motorcycle hill climber 1920s harley-davidson and side car

The motorcycle, just like the automobile, was used in competitive events of all types in the early 1900s, and the motorcycle hill climb soon became a very popular sport. Harland Krause was a rider who during a timespan of twenty or thirty years was very active in the sport in both the Beloit, Wisconsin and…

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Thirty Speed Records Set by Harley-Davidson at Daytona Beach in 1920

Harley-Davidson riders with a racing machine and a Bullet Sidecar In February of 1920, the Harley-Davidson racing team descended on Daytona Beach, Florida with a number of its racing machines and their star riders intent on setting the record books on fire. There they set up camp during the second week of the month and by the…

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The Art Smith Baby Cars Travel To Japan

Earlier in the year we did a feature article titled: Art Smith – The Life and Times of The Comet. That post tells the story of Smith building his first airplane at the age of fifteen, his career as a stunt pilot, and a trip to Japan in 1916 with his plane, crew and drivers of his baby racing…

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Got Milk? – The Macon Pure Milk Company Indian Scout

Large-sized figural product symbols such as seen here were much more common in earlier days. The circa 1930 Macon Pure Milk Company bottle is mounted on a Winter-Weiss Company platform sidecar attached to an Indian Scout and was likely meant as a promotional piece for use in a parade or other event. Winter-Weiss was located in Denver, Colorado, and…

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The Globe of Death – Going Round and Round and Up and Down

The Mendoza’s Globe of Fate motorcycle and bicycle act A little over a week ago we featured a Wall of Death thrill show film. Geoff, a reader from Australia commented on it and told us of the Durkin Brothers Globe of Death show that traveled the Down Under entertainment circuit for over 20 years. In many of these acts…

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Motorcycle Gymnasts at Munchen, Germany

Today is the Forth of July and the start of a holiday weekend, so for a little quick entertainment for you we found this entertaining news clip dating from 1934. The production shows a skilled team of motorcycle and automobile drivers preforming in front of a good-sized crowd at Munchen, Germany. There are no fireworks…

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The Guasti-Giulii Inc.Tire Tower – Los Angeles, California

A couple of months ago we featured a series of photos of Nels Thompson and his 1930 Packard 740 preaching car in front of one of the three Guasti-Giulii Inc. tire shops in Los Angeles, California. What we did not know at the time was that the Guasti-Giulii Inc. Tire Tower, as it was called, was just…

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A Pair of Early Garages Down Under in New Zealand

New Zealand and Australia in the early days of the last century imported many of the automobiles used in both nations from the United States, England and Europe. The Oxford Motor Garage pictured above was located at 162 Oxford Terrace, in Christchurch, New Zealand. The showroom window lettering tells us the firm handled the Abbott, Buick, Rambler and…

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