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An Early Indian Single Cylinder

A pair of photos showing a couple posing with their Indian single-cylinder machine. The bike appears to be quite well equipped, in the front we can see a acetylene headlamp and a fork mounted generator to supply it. Out back it has a well padded passenger seat along with what appears to be a tail…

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A James Vee-Twin Motorcycle

An interesting photo study of a British James motorcycle with its sidecar taken by our friend Stefan Marjoram. The James, like many car and motorcycle makers here and abroad, got started in the bicycle business in 1880. To get a better idea of the antique motorcycle scene in the UK follow this link to the Vintage…

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The Facts Ma’am….Nothing But The Facts

Chicago policeman Phillip Tolomed on his Harley-Davidson Servi-Car interviews Mrs. Elisabeth Peterson and a passerby. At the same time Officer Michael Ricci on the stairs interviews Mrs. Lorraine Scholwin at 4921 Lester. They were casing the neighborhood after a serious crime had happened on Oct. 20, 1955. Photo by Chicago Sun-Times photographer Walters.

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Bob Hartungs Harley-Davidson

This photo was sent in by Bob Hartung from Winfield, Kansas, of his father who he tells us about below. The picture is of my father, Bob Hartung taken in July 1948 in Arlington, New Jersey by his home at 40 Washington Ave. After having served in the Navy during WWII he related to me that…

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The Springfield Moto Cycle Club

An early photo taken in Springfield, MA, home of the Indian Motorcycle showing us the members of the Moto Cycle Club. Everyone is standing behind their early Indian singles except one gent who decided he was tired of waiting for he photographer and is leaning up against the door. Photo courtesy of Robert Daniello.

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Ackerman Spring Wheels

A pair of Indian Motorcycles which have been fitted with Ackerman wheels with resilient spring steel spokes. The Indian above has the standard Ackerman wheel, while the bot-tom photo shows an Indian fitted with the special double-spoke unit. These wheels were introduced in the late teens. For much more information about resilient wheels see this…

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