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A 1908 Mitchell and a FN Motorcycle

Here we have a Mitchell owner posing with his dog behind the wheel of his 1908 Model G roadster. The motorcycle is the Belgian made FN, the most successful of early four-cylinder machines and one of the first attempts at an intergrated design rather than the usual bicycle with clip on engine.          …

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The “Devil Of Antwerp”

Minerva, the daughter of Jupiter and a Roman goddess of warriors, art, wisdom and measurement. It was also the name Dutch immigrant Sylvain de Jong chose for his second attempt at bicycle manufacture that would ultimately lead to the construction of motocycles, voiturettes and later automobiles made in the Belgian city of Antwerp. In 1900, the first Minerva moto-cyclette with it’s…

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The Smith Motor Wheel

This photo gives you a good view of the construction of the Smith Motor wheel mounted on a bicycle. This gent looks as if he liked to accessorize his bike as we also see; a light, car horn, flag, tool pouch and a rack behind it with what appears to be a spring loaded seat…

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