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A British Pathe News Clip – The Non Skid Tyre At Last?

* Updated * We do not know any of the background information about what brand of tire is being promoted here, but it is definitely not the first NonSkid tire to be made. The only thing certain about it is what was observed by watching the video which does clearly show two things: The tire tread…

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Recreating the 1927 Frank Lockhart Intercooler – Part II


Creating the Digital CAD Model By Lee Stohr:   If you are new to this feature series you can start out by taking a look back at Part I of Recreating the Lockhart Intercooler. In the second part of this project, Stohr Design began by measuring the original Lockhart Intercooler casting and building a 3D computer model. Starting at the…

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Arch Tuckett’s Midget Speedcar – East Sydney, Australia

Antique Midget Racing car in Australia

Not much is known about this attractive little speedster other than it has been attributed as having been owned by Arch Tuckett, the photos were taken in 1934, and it used an American Henderson four-cylinder motorcycle engine. The location of the chassis and axle repair shop it is in front of was located on Williams…

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Recreating the 1927 Frank Lockhart Intercooler – Part I

Frank Lockhart and the Perfect Circle Miller Special – Indianapolis 1927. By Lee Stohr:  During the winter of 1926 and 1927, at the age of only 23, American racing car driver Frank Lockhart developed an intercooler for his Miller 91 c.i. racing engine. The straight-eight engine designed by Harry A. Miller, featured a centrifugal supercharger…

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The Eads Motor Co., Lexington Kentucky and two Ford Racing Cars

Ford-based racing cars and a Graham in front of the Eads Motor Co. The Eads Motor Co. pictured above was located at 256 East Main Street in Lexington, Kentucky. Little is known about the operation other than what can be found on the signage on the front of the building. The agency handled Diamond T…

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Hupmobile, Raymond Loewy and Russell Snowberger Team Up for 1932

A Vogue “Jumbo” Tire promotion in Los Angeles – USC Libraries photo. Facing trying times for 1932, Hupmobile management pulled out all the stops and hired Raymond Loewy to design a new and distinctive look to try to lure buyers into the salesroom. Loewy created a look for the new eight-cylinder Hupp, which when compared…

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The VSCC 80th Anniversary – The 2014 Prescott Speed Hill Climb

Time marches on and the early antique, sports and racing car clubs that were formed in England, Europe and here in the U.S. have gained in years. Last weekend the Vintage Sports-Car Club kicked off a week long 80th-year celebration with a VSCC Hill Climb at the Prescott Speed Hill on Friday that was followed…

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