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Hupmobile, Raymond Lowey and Russell Snowberger Team Up for 1932

  • hupp1
  • A Vogue “Jumbo” Tire promotion in Los Angeles – USC Libraries photo.

Facing trying times for 1932, Hupmobile management pulled out all the stops and hired Raymond Lowey to design a new and distinctive look to try to lure buyers into the salesroom. Lowey created a look for the new eight-cylinder Hupp, which when compared with what was offered by other automakers, it was actually a year or two ahead of its time. The lines and shape of the fenders, the angled windshield and the bold radiator ornament gave the new car a look all of its own.

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  •      The Cabriolet Roadster – The Coupe – The 5-Passenger Victoria

For 1932, both conventional six and eight-cylinder L-head models were offered, five of which were carried-over from 1931. The new Lowey styling was used on two of the five straight eight chassis’ offered. In addition to the styling changes, there were a number of mechanical and structural refinements. High on the list was the introduction of an X-member in the center of the frame and a series of triangulated braces incorporated into the body shell that when combined made for a very strong and rigid structure. Illustrations above courtesy of Alden Jewell.

  • hupp7
  • Lowey and a model with a concept or show car – Hagley Museum photo.

Not resting with the fresh styling, structural and mechanical refinements, Hupmobile sponsored Russ Snowberger’s entry in the 1932 Indianapolis 500. He was given a new Hupp straight engine that he then race-prepared, added a bank of four down-draft Winfield racing carburetors, and fitted it into his 1931 racing car seen below.

Snowberger qualified in the forth position while setting a speed that was 2-m.p.h. faster than when his car was Studebaker-powered the year before. He finished the race on the lead lap in fifth place behind three Miller-powered cars and a Studebaker Factory prepared car. The engine was later installed in the Bonneville Hupp that has been reported to have set a speed of 146 m.p.h. on the Salt Flats.


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A New England Classic – The Historic Festival 32 at Lime Rock Park


One of the most enjoyable of all vintage racing and concours events in the country, the Historic Festival at Lime Rock Park will celebrate its 32nd edition, two weeks from now on Labor Day weekend. The Honored Guest this year is Sir Stirling Moss, and you can meet him at the track located in one of the most-picturesque areas of New England, Northwestern Connecticut.

lime2      lime3      lime4

The Festival starts on Thursday with a vintage and race car parade on the scenic roads of the surrounding towns and ends up with a gathering for all in the center of quaint Falls Village. Track practice and qualifying races run on Friday and Saturday, while Sunday is reserved for the respected Concours. The event will include both racing and street-driven cars along with an impressive selection of vehicles from Ralph Lauren as he has been chosen as Honored Collector of the year.

lime5      lime6      lime7

The Concours, named Sunday in the Park, will include up to 250 rare and desirable cars that will be displayed along the entire half-mile front straight of the race track. Also of interest is the Gathering of the Marques that attracts over 700 cars to the event by car clubs and private owners from all over the Northeast, that will line the entire length of the rest of the picturesque 1.5-mile race course.

In the video above, Skip Barber and Chief Festival Organizer Murray Smith discuss just what the event is all about and what it encompasses. You can view scenes showing some the exciting racing action you can expect to see there along with the cars from Ralph Lauren’s Collection that will be on display.

Monday starts with the running of the feature races with more than 300 cars in nine different races with morning and afternoon sessions separated by a break for lunch. You will see some of the most desirable and interesting vintage competition cars to be found anywhere racing wheel-to-wheel on the challenging circuit. Expect to see everything from pre-war racing cars to exciting post-war competition machines, the newest that date to the mid-1970s. You can learn all of the details here at Lime Rock Park.

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Burton and Smith Set an Australian Trans-Continental Record with a Hupmobile


J.L. Burton behind the wheel along with Tom Smith are seen posing outside of Dennys Lascelles Garage, located on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne, Australia with their record breaking 1918 Hupmobile. The route Burton and Smith followed was from Fremantle to Sydney via Broken Hill. The pair was only one of many to at the time to attempt to better a record set in 1915 with a Studebaker.

hupp2The duo left Fremantle on January 29, 1918, and arrived in Sydney on February 5, 1918. They travelled 2,677 miles in seven-days, 2 hours and 17 minutes, with an average speed of 15.7 miles per hour. You can read about part of their trip here and see other photos in an article that was in the Bunbury Herald on March 9, 1918.

After the journey, Burton wrote the book: Across Australia in Seven Days. The trip appears to have been sponsored in part by Barnett-Glass Boomerang Tires and the Hupmobile Importer (see the Press ad above left). The photo from the Harold Paynting Collection is courtesy of the State Library of Victoria. 

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