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Great Lakes Auto Shipping….1949

A press photo showing a Great Lakes freighter being loaded on April 13, 1949, with new Chevrolet cars and trucks. The Old Motor photo. The 1950 Chevrolet advertising film below, Roads To Romance in Technicolor was filmed in Coral Gables Florida. Watch the new Chevrolets driving through the sites of the area.  

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Who Is That masked Man?

The smog isn’t quite as bad as Fernie Payan, 24, makes it seem, but he caused quite a stir driving about the city on Oct. 29, 1965 wearing this gas mask. Los Angeles was suffering through its third straight “smog alert” in three days. Payan appears to have been driving an MGA in this press…

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Chicago Crime Scene Units….1948

Two new Ford station wagons bought by the police department are being displayed in front of city hall in Chicago. The press photo is dated August 16, 1948, and stated that these two laboratory units, one for the North side and the other for the South side will be patrolling the city. The Old Motor…

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City Auto Sales….April 1958

City Auto Sales above is a good mystery for you folks who like to figure them out. The press photo is dated April 11, 1958, and was in the newspaper because of the broken win-dows that you can see which have been boarded up. There is also a policeman standing on the sidewalk behind a…

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William Stout Has a Bad Hair Day

This press photo is from April of 1946, when William B. Stout was introducing his new creation to the Detroit area press. Stout was a man who thought outside the box and had already designed and built the famous Stout Scarab. The first nine prewar cars he built were steel framed, which was skinned with aluminum…

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Queen Of The Great Lakes

The Milwaukee Clipper has a long and very interesting history. It was originally built for the Pennsilvania Railroad in 1904, was named the Juniata and was used between Duluth, MN and Buffalo, NY. In 1941 after being sold and modernized it was renamed the Milwaukee Clipper, the the ship then traveled between Muskegon, MI and Milwaukee,…

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