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Cadillac and a Harley-Davidson in a Mystery Movie Scene

Today’s feature image appears to be a Hollywood movie still taken on October 26, 1933 while filming in California, none of the actors are identified. The automobile is an attractive circa-1930 Cadillac fitted with close-coupled convertible sedan coachwork by an unknown maker. The motorcycle is an older modified, repainted, and worn-looking 1929 or earlier Harley-Davidson JD…

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Watch this Chevrolet Knee’s in Action

Today’s lead image dated to November 6, 1934, by the source, shows either a 1934 or ’35 Chevrolet “Knee-Action” promotional car equipped with it parked in front of the St. Louis Monument located in Forest Park at St. Louis, Missouri. This form of independent front suspension was developed by Andre DuBonnet, and Chevrolet’s version of it…

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