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Winter driving

Winter driving is not for everyone, but it has been around since cars first hit the roads. Here’s a 1912 Stutz touring that’s come back in after what looks like a good winter run. There is muck on just about every surface visible except the driver’s seat. And imagine trying to steer with those loaded…

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Flower Car

Automobiles were ornately decorated  for early parades and the majority of them were covered with either flowers or greenery. This one is quite well designed and unique. I am guessing that they may have a shovel-nosed, early air-cooled Franklin hiding under all of the decorations or possibly a Renault. This thought is based on the curved front…

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A Near New Stanley

Automobile photos were very important back in the early days. Just being able to own one back then was quite a thing as they were very expensive. Generally when someone bought one they also had a professional photographer record the occasion. Thanks to this, many of these photos have survived and given us a glimpse…

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Early Used Car Dealers Postcard

This postcard is very interesting  in that it was from F. J. Wallbridge, Provision Merchant Birkdale, Southport, which is in England. His message reads as follows: “Dear Mr W, Rather disappointed at not hearing from you. The car shown here is a 10-12 Wolesey in excellent running order throughout. Is anything in your way? We…

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Here’s a 1909 or 1910 Washington. Washington’s were built in Hyattsville, MD from 1909-1912. This one shows a 1910 Maryland license plate on the front. They were a traditional 4 cylinder, 30-40 hp car. They were  fairly low production, but fortunately one survives to this day.

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