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Easter Sunday Entertainment – Sherlock Jr. 1924 – The Driverless Motorcycle Scene

Sherlock, Jr., the perfect entertainment for an Easter Sunday was filmed during 1924. It appears to have been the third feature-length film Buster Keaton made. The movie is a non-stop collection of stunts and is filled with plenty of action. This video contains the short driverless motorcycle scene in the movie, along with plenty of cars, trucks and even a steam locomotive to enjoy while viewing it.

You can learn more about the rest of the production here at Turner Classic Movies, and see the rest of the forty-four minute film Sherlock Jr. here.

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The Keating Wheel Company – Forty Years on Two Wheels


Brian Keating is just up the road a piece and across the Connecticut River in New Hampshire. He has been: restoring, reviving, conserving, collecting and buying and selling vintage motorcycles for forty years. Lucent Productions has put together an excellent documentary covering Keating’s life’s work that many of you will be able to identify with. Listen along as he tells the story from the very start, of his passion for the two-wheeled machine.

Even though his work is with motorcycles and not cars, Keating does put into focus why so many of us in the trade along with private enthusiasts do what we do. Antique motorcycle collectors have always valued the unrestored original, and he also talks about the allure of those untouched machines. Spend the nine minutes it takes to watch this video, you will enjoy it. You can visit with the The Keating Wheel Company here.

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The Goodwood 72nd Members’ Meeting and the Grover-Williams Trophy Race


At the Goodwood circuit in Southern England, Lord March launched the latest event to be run on the famed racing track, the Members’ Meeting, which was held on the weekend of March 29th and the 30th, 2014. The racing action is open only to members of the Goodwood Road Racing Club and their guests. The event continues on from the 71 club meetings held earlier at Goodwood in the fifties and sixties for members of the British Automobile Racing Club. A full slate of twelve races was presented covering many vintage categories.

The photos shown here are of the Grover-Williams Trophy Race that was staged to celebrate the 90th anniversary of one of the most successful racing cars of all time, the Bugatti Type 35. The race is named in honor of William Charles Frederick Grover-Williams who was very successful behind the wheel of his British Racing Green Type 35. Photographer-filmmaker Stefan Marjoram was there to record the action and today we are featuring his photographs covering this race.

At the Goodwood 72nd Members’ Meeting  you can learn more about this new event. Be sure to view the exciting video below they have produced which will fill you in on all the action during this race along with the results. A visit with Stefan Marjoram will reward you with more of his fine work.

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