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1911 Franklin Desert Racer

More great photography from David Traver Adolphus of a surviving Franklin desert racer that was driven by Los Angeles Franklin dealer Ralph Hamlin. Hamlin was a contestant in the early races from California thru the desert to Arizona. You can read the results of the race in the November 1911 Horseless Age Magazine excerpt below courtesy of the…

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Mercers In A Row

Twenty-three Mercers in a row at the 2009 Mercer Centennial at Roebling, New Jersey. The two nearest the camera are 1910 Beaver engined cars, next there are six 1911-14 Raceabouts and one Runabout. Beyond the earlier cars are fourteen L-Heads, three are touring cars and the other eleven are Raceabouts. Photo by The Old Motor.

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An English Maudslay Mate?

Our good friend and restorer extraordinaire Eddie Berrisford from England sent this photo he took in France some years ago, after seeing the photos of the 1908 Matheson engine. He is not positive but he thinks that it is an English Maudsley. Can any of our readers identify this interesting design? The following words are…

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