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Recreating the 1927 Frank Lockhart Intercooler – Part II


Creating the Digital CAD Model By Lee Stohr:   If you are new to this feature series you can start out by taking a look back at Part I of Recreating the Lockhart Intercooler. In the second part of this project, Stohr Design began by measuring the original Lockhart Intercooler casting and building a 3D computer model. Starting at the…

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Repair Row – Montclair, New Jersey

A Mercer Raceabout, Model T Ford Speedster and a Stutz Touring car in Montclair, New Jersey. Many towns and cities usually have an area where older or inexpensive new buildings are located that cater to industrial uses and the service trades. This circa early-1920s photo courtesy of Charles Heyer shows what appears to be one of…

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The National Automotive School, Los Angeles, California

National Auto School 1926 vintage street scene

This pair of photos shows the National Automotive School that was located at 4006 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California, in a large building topped with some very impressive signage (the building has not survived). The image above is circa 1926, and shows an excellent view of the front of the learning establishment which also…

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Recreating the 1927 Frank Lockhart Intercooler – Part I

Frank Lockhart and the Perfect Circle Miller Special – Indianapolis 1927. By Lee Stohr:  During the winter of 1926 and 1927, at the age of only 23, American racing car driver Frank Lockhart developed an intercooler for his Miller 91 c.i. racing engine. The straight-eight engine designed by Harry A. Miller, featured a centrifugal supercharger…

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The Klaxon Horn – The X-Ray of Sound

           What appears to be the first Klaxon Horn introduced during 1908 After recently viewing advertisements showing a number of the different models of Klaxon horns that were available in the early to mid-1930s, it appeared that tracing the origin of the horn back to its roots could prove to be…

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Finley Robinson Porter’s Horizontally Opposed Dual Four Cylinder Engines

         Plan-view of the horizontally opposed dual four-cylinder engines. Horizontally-opposed dual four-cylinder engines with common rotary valves, certainly is a mouthful. But that is exactly what Finley Robinson Porter had finished designing only a little over a year after he left Mercer, as the Chief Engineer where he designed the legendary T-head…

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The Packard Patents – A Graveyard of Automotive Designs From the Past

A 1919 overhead cam design by H.D. Church, a Packard Engineer One of the most enjoyable parts of researching for The Old Motor articles is uncovering important forgotten automotive designs from the past. The other day we stumbled on to a large number of patents assigned to the Packard Motor Car Co. Many of them originated…

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Earnest Holmes and His First Tow Truck

An Early Cadillac V-8 Sedan converted into a tow truck Dan Strohl of Hemmings Motor News ran into the early history of the tow truck recently and reported the following:  “While perusing a recent issue of the Caddie Chronicle, the newsletter of the Potomac Region of the Cadillac La Salle Club, we came across the…

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