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The 1908 Hornsby Chain Track Tractor

The film above is quite interesting, as it shows an gasoline-powered-chain-drive automobile chassis (possibly a Panhard), used as the power plant for a tracked tractor. German captions where used in the film, as it was an advertisement to try to sell the vehicles in Germany. After bit of investigation it was found to be a Hornsby Chain…

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The Westinghouse Gasoline Car and very interesting 1904 forging and welding films from The Library of Congress

The Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. had a long early history of industrial manufacturing in the areas of electrical equipment, electric motors, generators and railroad air brakes. Many are not aware that the company also made a gasoline-powered automobile between the years of 1905-1907. The car was designed in Pittsburg, PA., but was reported to…

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Early Locomobile Steam Cars in New York City

The Locomobile Steam Car is quite a story in itself, the design was by the Stanley Brothers who sold it to John B. Walker for $250,000. He promptly sold half of the company to paving contractor Amzi L. Barber. Their partnership lasted just a short time; Walker went on to found Mobile Company of America at the Stanley works in New…

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