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A.W.Carter – A Full Service Hudson-Terraplane Dealer

Today, we’re in the A.W. Carter service department where we find one of their mechanics dressed in immaculate white coveralls as he performs some chassis lubrication on April 6, 1936. We’ve already shown you the extravagant window display A.W. Carter created to promote the 1936 Terraplane that included a car tipped on it’s side to show off it’s running gear.

Pretty much an obsolete task these days, such service was vital to prolonging the life of steering and suspension components and was quite effective when a regular schedule was followed. Of paramount importance in Hudsons and Terraplanes of this era was maintaining the oil level in the wet clutch. While this design provided the smoothest pedal feel in the industry, if allowed to run dry, it’s life expectancy was extremely short. You’ll find many more photos of garages and dealerships here on The Old Motor. This image by Stuart Thomson is courtesy of the City of Vancouver.

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