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On A Mission at Steves’ Dairy, Vancouver, B.C.

Today’s photo shows two of the Steves’ Dairy older delivery trucks posed in front of their headquarters at 2024 West 12th Avenue in Vancouver on July 2, 1936. The Mission Orange Drink advertised on their flanks was a product of a well known southern California-based company that was founded about seven years before the date of this image. It was probably a very popular summer beverage up there at the time.

The truck seen above on the left is clearly an International of 1928 or 1929 vintage. It’s little brother behind it is a circa 1927 a four cylinder Chevrolet. Also note the horse drawn milk wagons in the background that appear to still be in active service. Today’s photo by Stuart Thomson is courtesy of the City of VancouverYou can find many more interesting images shot there here on The Old Motor.


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