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  1. Could it be San Francisco? Google shows a 1921 Motor World Wholesale paragraph stating “William B. Moyle, San Francisco, who until recently was advertising manager for the Chester N. Weaver Co. Studebaker distributors, has been appointed general sales manager for the new Cole Motors Inc., distributors of the Cole Aero Eight.”

  2. My directory of San Francisco auto dealers lists Chester N. Weaver as a Studebaker dealer at 1355 Van Ness Ave. from 1926 to 1932. I don’t know if that is the location in this picture.

    • I have seen a 1924 picture of the Ellis Brooks building with Charles N. Weaver and Studebaker signage on it. It was taken from the south, across the street showing the front and side that is on Fern. The building had one less story at that time since a floor was added in 1946 and the building was stucco’d.

  3. I’m not sure about the location of the building in the picture, but I have a license plate frame that says that the dealership was in Oakland.

  4. Chester N. Weaver was my great grandfather, and his dealership was always in San Francisco, even during recovery after the earthquake. He was a Studebaker dealer in San Francisco until 1932 or 1933 when the Studebaker Motor Company went into receivership. He opened a Ford dealership in Oakland in 1935. Thus the confusion.The picture is not clear enough for me to identify the three men, but the man on the left in the dark suit may be my father. I believe that the picture was taken in the 1924 to 1926 period. I know that sometime later he had a building on Polk Street, but it was much bigger and grander than the building in the picture. The man on the left in the dark suit may well be my father. I was born in 1926.
    Reid Weaver Dennis

  5. I am trying to track down you dennis, Reid, I wanted to see if you have any old archives of people who bought cars from your great grandfather in 1935-1936 I believe a car I own that was bought by Howard Hughes was purchased from your dads old lot in Oakland, at 20th and Broadway. Thanks, please shoot me a email, or call me. 541.301.6862 or email me at

  6. This photograph is on file at the San Francisco Public Library. It is dated Feb 7, 1927. The location is on the corner of Mission and 24th St. in San Francisco. This was a satellite dealer location of Chester Weaver Studebaker. The location is posted on the telephone pole street sign. He had dealerships in Oakland, San Jose, Stockton and Fresno and more. Chester Weaver is the man standing in the middle.
    The Roadster shows a custom two-tone paint job that was not available from the factory until later in 1927. The car on the right is a 1927 Commander four door sedan. The car behind it is also a 1927. Chester Weaver’s main dealership location was at 1355 Van Ness Blvd in SF. He later moved to a larger building at the corner of Bush and Van Ness – just a few blocks down Van Ness. Ellis Brooks moved into the Bush and Van Ness location after Studebaker vacated the building.
    According to Mrs. Ellis Brooks, they threw out all the Studebaker stuff left behind when they took over the building.

    • I just did a search using Google Street View, and I believe it can be confirmed that this is the 24th and Mission location. The area has changed greatly since then, but I believe that the pictured building was on the south-west corner, where the entrance to the BART station is now. The main clue to this is the roofline of the building at the upper right of the photo appears to match one still standing on 24th Street, a bit further to the west, between Osage and Bartlett Sts.

      Also, the information above about the Van Ness Ave location is inaccurate – 1355 Van Ness is on the corner at Bush St, in fact it covers the entire block of Van Ness between Bush and Fern Sts.

  7. I have a receipt for a 1925 Studebaker purchased by my grandfather’s business, United Undertakers. It is for a seven passenger Big Six sedan and it cost $3175 less a $175 trade in for a 1919 Studebaker. The sale was completed on 11/24/1924.

  8. Darrell Here,
    I have a, like new, Chester Weaver key chain from the Oakland dealer if anyone has connections and want it; it yours.
    Picked this at a storage lot sale many years ago in N Calif.

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