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A Mason Racing Car

I am going to follow Tony De Setas lead here and post a photo of the Duesenberg Bros. first form of racing car. This car was based on the Mason car they designed and built before going out on their own. It featured an 8-valve engine with long vertical rocker arms or what they called at the time “walking beams”. This is one of they’re early 1913 entries at Indy driven by Jack Tower who crashed on the 51st lap and was out. The highest finisher of the three Masons entered that year was Willie Haupt who finished 9th and in the money after finishing all 200 laps.

The two photos below show you the construction of the two-main bearing engine and the long vertical rocker arms and the eight horizontal valves. They later updated to a 16-valve engine. We will revisit the Duesenbergs later and show the history of the racing cars they built and campaigned.

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