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General Motors in the 1920′s – “A Car for Every Purse and Purpose”

This interesting video offers a glimpse at General Motors’ activities in locations all over the world in the 1920′s. It also shows the old school shipping methods employed to supply the export market from their U.S.-based factories. You’ll see GM vehicles on the road everywhere from major European cities to remote parts of Asia, Africa, South America, the Pacific and from the Arctic Circle to the Cape of Good Hope.

Some economic issues that might seem quite familiar to us today are also covered. It’s a silent film, so you won’t miss anything if you turn your speakers down to avoid the audio track that mimics the sound of an old movie projector. You’ll find many other videos about subjects that range from current Concours and car shows to early manufacturing methods, automobile ads and more here on The Old Motor.

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2 Responses to General Motors in the 1920′s – “A Car for Every Purse and Purpose”

  1. Phil Jamison says:

    The worst script, acting and direction for a promotional film ever! Mystery Science Theatre would love this one. That said, it’s a great view inside the Olds engine plant.

  2. How correct you are…..The only reason we ran it was because of some rare footage.

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