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A Hardworking Harley-Davidson in Vancouver, B.C.

In the milder climate of coastal British Columbia, motorcycles, whether for personal or commercial use, are a much more sensible form of transport than they might be in other parts of Canada. The well-worn veteran of the traffic wars you see in our photo from April 29, 1932 clearly falls into the latter category.

The unusual dual headlight arrangement makes identification of the motorcycle’s vintage relatively easy. Among Harley-Davidsons, it was unique to the 1929 and 1930 models. The strictly utilitarian sidecar body, one of the more elaborate ones we’ve seen, presents more of a challenge. We invite any of our readers who might know to offer an opinion about who built it. Photograph attributed to Stuart Thomson courtesy of the City of Vancouver. You can find many more interesting images shot in that city here on The Old Motor.

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