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Legion Ascot Speedway

A very interesting image of early racing at the Legion Ascot Speedway in Los Angeles, the track was in operation from 1924-1936 when the grandstand burned down. It was a very well known track because of its location in the hot bed of racing, being in LA. Take note of the signs up on the hill in the top right hand of the photo promoting Rajo Ford speed equipment and Western Auto Supply.

It was a dirt track that was oiled often, eventually this caused it to become almost like an asphalt surface.

5 responses to “Legion Ascot Speedway

  1. I truly loved reading about the racing history of the RAJO Engines. Thank you for your effort…

  2. I have a poster written in Arabic and English wishing ” A Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year” Ascot Speedway Bon MacDougall Bill Stapp. I would like to know who these two men are and approximate what year the poster was made.
    Have you ever seen a poster like it? It measure about 38″ x 28″ and is brown.

    • I would presume you received numerous replies. There was a famous race car driver named Babe Stapp who regularly drove at Legion Ascot. I have never heard of such a poster but it is definitely a collectible.

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