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The 2013 Amiens French Grand Prix Centenary

Our friend Stefan Marjoram, a photographer and film maker from England, recently released this entertaining silent slapstick-style video he produced showing a trip to France in vintage racing cars that revisited the site of the 1913 French Grand Prix at Amiens.

Enthusiasts drove from the U.K. and Europe and met there this past summer with both original racing cars and quite a few modern day specials to commemorate the famous GP races held there. Last year, the group participated in a celebration of The French Grand Prix at Dieppe that was held in 1907.


We have also set up a photo essay of Stefan’s images showing many of the cars that participated in the Centenary tour. You can see a total of 215 of his images both in color and black and white on his Amiens Grand Prix Centenary Flickr page. You can also view a poster with his drawings where each car is identified and dated.

You can learn more about the 1913 French Grand Prix at Amiens that was won by Georges Boillot in his Peugeot Racing Car in an article (bottom center image below), which was found in The Horseless Age, July 16, 1913 issue. You can also take a look back on sixteen pages and many photos showcasing Stefan Marjoram’s work here on The Old Motor. He is the official photographer and film maker for the very interesting Bloodhound LSR Car effort.

S2       S23       S3

S5       S6       S7

S8       S9       S11

S12       S13       S14

S15       S19       S18

S20       FGP1       S21

10 responses to “The 2013 Amiens French Grand Prix Centenary

  1. I have been a follower of the Old Car site since inception and enjoy it immensely. However this report is without doubt the most memorable, not only due to the quality of the photographs, but more importantly it shows these wonderful cars on the road as they might have been 100 years ago. Add to that the great touch or humour and you have a winner. Lets’ have more of the same.

    Bernard Snoodyk
    1984 XJS jaguar and 1926 Austin 7

  2. This collection of beautiful old cars photographed with care and love in the beautiful settings that they were in, I think would be best enjoyed with a very expensive Scotch or possibly Cognac. And then to excess.

  3. What an interesting and entertaining French Grand Prix video. Watching it made my day. Also, thank you for a most wonderful website.

  4. Great, great stuff here. What a wonderful collection of pre WWI racers. Looks like those folks had a ton of fun. Would have love to see them running through the streets.

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