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Body by Fisher, Where “Quality Knows No Compromise”

For a little quiet entertainment this Sunday, we have an excellent production covering the story of Body by Fisher. In it you’ll learn how the company was started with financing provided by their wagon builder Uncle Albert, Fred and Charles Fisher established the Fisher Body Company on July 22, 1908. By 1913, the company had the capacity to produce 100,000 cars per year. Customers included Ford, Krit, Chalmers, Cadillac, and Studebaker. In 1919, a deal put together by GM president William C. Durant, gave General Motors a controlling interest in the company which in turn absorbed Fleetwood Metal Body in 1925.

The resultant company became an in-house coachbuilding subsidiary in 1926 and thereafter produced bodies exclusively for GM. The fabled name disappeared from the corporate landscape in 1984. We hope you’ll enjoy today’s promotional video that provides a brief history of the company, it’s innovations and a look inside one of their “modern” manufacturing facilities in 1950, as we did. We’ve also enjoy glimpses at other assembly lines in years past and have posted videos of a couple here and here on The Old Motor.

3 responses to “Body by Fisher, Where “Quality Knows No Compromise”

  1. This was the time post war when the car companies could have won over the employees by listening to them. I have read so many stories about how someone on the line, probably a young guy would see that there was a problem during the assembly or manufacture that they thought an improvement could help.
    And management would laugh at or even admonished him for trying to cause problems.
    That is when the worker start trusting the union more than the employer and when that happens you get Detroit, 2013!

  2. Just purchased a 2014 Chevrolet Impala 1LTZ Have not found any reason to not like it. It drives great, very comfortable and gives good gas mileage. Wake up America, buy American. Don’t send foreign car profits overseas.
    Oh yes, as a UAW GM employee. Every suggestion was considered, whether it be to make a better product or a safer environment for the worker.

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