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The Pennsylvania Auto Motor Co. built a plant in Bryn Mawr, PA, about 1906, and exhibited at the NY Auto Show that year. By 1909, they were doing well enough to add 15 dealers to their network, across the US, including the Vail Motor Car Co. in Los Angeles.

In Feb. 1910, Vail exhibited 2 Pennsylvania cars at a Los Angeles auto show. The accompanying postcard may show one of them, as it is marked on the reverse “Penna ‘C 50’ / Vail Motor Car Co. / 1144 S Hope St.” The same car may be the most visible one in the accompanying newspaper photo of the show.

Vail entered a car into the 1910 Los Angeles to Phoenix race (won the previous year by “… the famous old war horse “Black Bess”, the White steam car…”). If they did run this race, it must have been about the last hurrah. By late December, Royal Tourist had purchased the Pennsylvania company, along with Empire, and Croxton-Keeton, to form the Consolidated Motor Car Company, “third largest combination of automobile manufacturing companies in the country.” Pennsylvania vanished, followed shortly by the rest of Consolidated. Courtesy of Kelly Williams.

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  1. The Pennsylvania was one of several higher priced quality cars manufactured in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Others included Acme, Chadwick, and Matheson. All enjoyed success in racing. The Pennylsylvania’s test driver was Len Zengel who also drove one in the Savannah 1908 races. Zengel drove in many different races and hill climbs but he is perhaps best known for his victory in the 1910 Founders Day Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, race in a Chadwick.

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