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A Packard for Every Pocketbook in Vancouver, B.C.,1936


There may have been some snow on the sidewalk in front of the Consolidated Motor Company Limited showroom on this gloomy winter’s day, but things were much brighter  inside. A banner in the window announced that the new 1936 Packards were on display. The February 18th date of this photo was very much in keeping with Packard’s disregard for the annual model change that had become the custom with virtually every other manufacturer. Starting in 1923, Packard used it’s own “Series” designation to denote new models rather than introducing them each calendar year.


The 1935 Packard 120 Club Sedan parked at the curb marks first year of that lower priced line. Many credit this modern looking successor to the Light Eight line and the later 115 with saving the company’s bacon during the Great Depression when demand for their more luxurious cars declined. It’s style contrasts with the classic proportions of the 1933 or 1934 coupe directly in front of it. Packard’s rich history has made it a favorite subject for us here at The Old Motor, where you’ll find almost sixty pages of posts devoted to the brand. Our photo by Stuart Thomson is courtesy of the City of Vancouver.

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