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Replicating The North London Garage 1909 J. A. P. Engined Record Holder, Part VII


It has been a couple of months since we last reported on the magic that Pavel Malanik is performing in his efforts to build a replica of the North London Garage Record Holder, but rest assured he has been hard at work on the project. Pavel has already completed building the engine from scratch and now has turned to fabricating a Longuemare (an early French maker) carburetor for it. The photo above shows all of the parts of the unit, many of which he machined from solid brass stock.

Originally, in an assembly such as this, many of the pieces where first cast in brass or bronze and then later received machining operations, but in a one-off situation this route is often less time consuming. A project such as this takes weeks if not months of research, planning, drawing and then many more weeks of machining to finally accomplish. Follow along with the photos and captions below to see just how he machined many of the pieces. You can also take a look back on the previous parts of this series here. In Part VIII, coming soon we will show the start of the fabrication of the frame, stayed tuned….

  • Pav2       Pav3       Pav4
  • L to R: Brass round stock needed for all the parts to be machined – Turning operations in the lathe, including and offset grooving operation on the right.
  • Pav5       Pav6       Pav7
  • L to R: Machining the base of the mixing chamber that will later be attached  to the float bowl.
  • Pav9       Pav10       Pav11
  • L to R: Milling the sides of the float bowl – Slotting the top of the mixing chamber – Hand smoothing and finishing the float bowl.
  • Pav12      Pav13       Pav14
  • L and R: Both sides of the finished carburetor – Center, the float bowl and the bottom of the mixing chamber after being brazed together.

2 responses to “Replicating The North London Garage 1909 J. A. P. Engined Record Holder, Part VII

  1. This is the kind of article I enjoy the most; not a story about yet another overpriced car driven fifteen feet at Pebble Beach by a billionaire. Instead, a dedicated enthusiast, craftsman and artist painstakingly recreating an extinct machine just for the challenge of it. Bravo Pavel Malanik!

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