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The 2013 Regent Street Motor Show – Images by Pavel Novitski

  • R1
  • John Worth’s award-winning 1900 two-cylinder six horsepower Daimler

This is the first of two posts featuring photographs by Pavel Novitski covering the 1904 and earlier cars in the 2013 Regent Street Motor Show on Saturday, November 2nd and the London to Brighton Run the following day on Sunday. A major portion of the street in the prestigious West End shopping district was closed for the large and celebrated show with over 300 cars from all eras on display.

Over 250,000 visitors attended and filled the street during this celebration of motoring. Representing the dawn of motoring was a remarkable collection of 100 pre-1905 machines. The expo served as an excellent preview of the close to 400 entries that were seen in the Sunday running of the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Of special interest this year were the three British Gordon Bennett Cup Napier racing cars.

The early cars in attendance were participating for the prestigious EFG International Concours d’Elegance award which the Regent Street Motor Show describes as: For the vehicle which most embodies the spirit of the veteran era. This year’s winner was the 1900 Daimler of John Worth, seen above. Follow along with the photo essay below courtesy of London-based classic car photographer Pavel Novitski.    

  • A1       A2       A3
  • L to R: 1903 Sunbeam – 1904 Autocar – 1904 Mercedes
  • A4       A5       A6
  • L to R: 1896 Salvesen steam wagon and tender – 1898 Peugeot
  • Pav8       Pav9       Pav10
  • L to R: 1902 De Dion Bouton  – 1904 De Dion Bouton – 1903 Wolseley
  • Pav11       Pav12       Pavel14
  • L to R: 1902 Napier – 1903 Napier – 1903 Napier dash board
  • Pav13       Pav15       Pav16
  • L to R: 1904 Napier – 1904 Napier controls
  • Pav17       Pav19       Pav18
  • L to R: 1901 Crestmobile – 1904 Vaxhall
  • Pav20       Pav21      Pav22
  • L to R: 1904 De Dion Bouton – 1904 Fiat – 1904 Oldsmobile

4 responses to “The 2013 Regent Street Motor Show – Images by Pavel Novitski

  1. How fortunate that the British are not a “throw-away” society, which has allowed us in later generations to enjoy such works of art. Thank you for the photographs


  2. Um, WOW!? The Brits really have an amazing collection of pre WWI automobiles. So glad Pavel was there to get these great shots of them. More please? Love the 1904 Napier, it so steam punk. Thanks Dave for posting.

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