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Images by Becca Parker – BP Motorspirit


Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to photographer Becca Parker of the UK and her images covering vintage motor-sports in both the UK and on the Continent. Previously she had pursued a musical career, but as sometimes happens, her life changed it’s course and eventually lead her down a new path. Accompanying her brother to the famous Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb to photograph a car he worked on she relates, “I fell very simply, in love. I found cars.”

Since then Parker has been actively been following the vintage racing, rally and trials scene in both the UK and on the Continent. Her photos presented here today are from the top to bottom; in Sicily at the Targio Floria Centennial, at the 2013 John Harris Derbyshire Trial held in the spring in the UK by the VSCC, and the bottom photo shows on the track action at the 2013 Montlhery Vintage Revival in France. Visit with Becca Parker to see more of her exceptional work and stay tuned, as we will feature more soon.

Becca2       Becca3       Becca4

Becca16       Becca7       Becca9

Becca8       Becca10       Becca11

Becca12       Becca13       Becca14


9 responses to “Images by Becca Parker – BP Motorspirit

      • Most of it’s functioning. …I’d say about 3/4. And they’ve woven in a normal bit of track to make it work.
        Vincent Chamon runs the Montlhery Vintage Revival – French stuff happens every two years for some reason, but go to his website.

        He’s keeping it alive.



  1. Here in America virtually all the oval tracks were driven in an anti-clockwise direction, due to the widespread use of horse tracks from the earliest days. In Europe Sitges, Avus and Brooklands were run anti-clockwise, while Miramas, Monza and Montlhery (see last photo) were clockwise. What determined the choice of direction for each track?

  2. David, Becca Parker’s photos are beautiful and I will be looking forward to more of her pictures in future posts. I must say, the first photo of the two gents coming at you in the 19?? Fiat looks like they might have drove it when they were young. Good stuff.

      • Thanks chaps.
        If you go to, there’s loads more info on the Fiat and the others.
        Also – there’s a book that’s just being hard-bound, (hopefully in time for the christmas stocking filler niche,) and it’ll be beautiful.
        Because the subject is beautiful.

        It’s just about the making of the film that will get completed next summer.. There’s a cool trailer… errr…

        I feel ever so privileged to be a part of this. And for this book to be happening at all. I’m just an imbecile where selling is involved – So here it is:

        It’s a fab book about the Targa Florio.
        We have Alain De Cadenet and Francesco Da Mosto as presenters/comentators.
        And the cars and country are eye-wateringly beautiful.

        So please buy it.
        For all your friends.

        It means I can keep taking pictures.


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