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Old Man Winter is on the Way


If you live in the northern hemisphere as we do, here is one more reminder to get the old bus ready for the winter season and put your snow tires on. This press photo dated January 3, 1952, shows us Westlake Avenue north of Pike Street in the city of Seattle after a light snowfall. To us in New England and many others in the snow belt it looks like just a dusting of snow, but in a city like this it can bring things to close to a standstill. Photo courtesy of the Benjamin Ames Collection that you will find is filled with many interesting images.

2 responses to “Old Man Winter is on the Way

  1. Note the sign, top left, for the Olympian Hiawatha. This was a Milwaukee Road passenger express (1947-1961) featuring the “Super Dome” car (also shown on the sign).

    Ah for the good ol’ days of first class rail travel. Sitting in a lounge chair under the Dome, sipping your favorite beverage in warm comfort as the snowy mountains pass by outside.

    Here’s a promotional video:

    Tom M.

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