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Barney Oldfield vs. Lincoln Beachey for the “Championship of the Universe”


As a follow up on the recent post about pioneer aviator Lincoln Beachey, we have this interesting photo of Oldfield in his Fiat Cyclone and Beachey in his plane racing around a track. Take a close look at the ticket and the printing on it that includes the upside down printing as was also seen in the recent newspaper ad  in the Beachey post. Photo courtesy of Wayne Peterson, great great nephew of Barney Oldfield.

2 responses to “Barney Oldfield vs. Lincoln Beachey for the “Championship of the Universe”

  1. Seeing that “upside down” printed on the ticket, I couldn’t help but remember the famous postage stamp with the “inverted Jenny” –

    Unfortunately, it also reminded me of Beachey’s death, when his new monoplane came apart when Beachey tried to recover from flying upside down over San Francisco Bay, March 14, 1915. Interestingly, many of the techniques used by WWI pilots during aerial warfare were developed by Beachey, Garros, and others of the “exhibition flying” era.

    Tom M.

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