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A Sea of Cars in St. Louis, Missouri, c.1950

Stl1Parking lots on 14th Street in St. Louis, Missouri

Just as car styling changed dramatically through the 1930’s, so the evolution of design in the 1940’s is evident in today’s photo. In 1949, the fresh, new look of the first peace time models offered by Ford and General Motors made previous year’s rehashes of the pre-war stuff look old fashioned. At the curb, the Bob Bourke and Holden Koto-styled Ford coupe and that new 1950 Chevy right behind it illustrate the point. Most of the rest are beginning to show their age in comparison.

Stl4       Stl3       Stl2

We also spotted a car that defied the new paradigm, a little Crosley, in the middle of the top photo and the center thumbnail. Perhaps some of you can find one or two that you owned when they were newer and we were all a lot younger. Our photo is courtesy of Joe Sonderman. You’ll find many Route 66 related articles with photos from the Joe Sonderman Collection on The Old Motor. Also, take a moment to check out Joe’s new book, Route 66 in Texas.

6 responses to “A Sea of Cars in St. Louis, Missouri, c.1950

  1. And the Kaiser on the right in the third thumbnail. Looks like the driver may have found the very last spot in the full lot. I have always hated crowded parking lots!!

  2. Very few cars with whitewall tires, and only one convertible in the whole parking lot. Today’s picture would be a lot different at an antique car show. Over half the cars would be convertibles and most all of them would be wearing whitewall tires. I see this same ratio in modern Hollywood movies that depict earlier years.

  3. You can tell the difference in the age of a car. In the 50’s the cars were much over weight including the driver and passangers. Now the cars aer using light material and is fuel savvy. I remember my fathers friend thst lived where highway 44 is built today. He had ulcers on his legs and was in a bok with a window on top. Now I can relate to him, I have some skin cancer on my lower legs and arms.

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