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The Mayflower And The Defender

Goodyear Tire Company promotional photos dated during 1929, showing the smaller sized Mayflower above with Edward Howland Robinson Green in his electric car. Green was from Buzzards Bay Mass. and this photo could have possibly been taken there. The comment below by Robert Cunningham contains more information about him and the car.

Below is the Defender which appears to be at Goodyears hometown in Akron, Ohio

5 responses to “The Mayflower And The Defender

  1. The picture at the top was taken at Green’s estate outside Padanaram, MA. Called “Round Hill,” it’s now a private development. Spectacular property. It’s on the front lawn of the estate; that’s his “summer home” in the background.

  2. Defender is not at Wingfoot Lake, above. Here is a picture of Defender at that site in 1929. You can see the lake is immediately adjacent to the hangar, and there are some
    ancillary buildings as well. The hangar et al are still there today and still in use, it is viewable
    on the satmap program of your preference.

    I have not been able to find out yet if there was a smaller hangar at Akron airport before the
    Air Dock was built, if so it might be there.

    I will keep looking for more data. Defender was taken over by the Navy, but that is not Lakehurst
    either. I will look into the other operating fields of the time and check my reference books.

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