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The Mayflower And The Defender

Goodyear Tire Company promotional photos dated during 1929, showing the smaller sized Mayflower above with Edward Howland Robinson Green in his electric car. Green was from Buzzards Bay Mass. and this link about him will take you to an earlier post that Tim Martin wrote and this photo could have possibly been taken there. The comment below by Robert Cunningham tells more about him and his car.

Below is the Defender which appears to be at Goodyears hometown in Akron, Ohio

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  1. I believe your top photo was taken in Boston, not overseas. It features the tiny 65-inch wheelbase Automatic Electric Pleasure Vehicle, of 1920-21. It was produced by the Automatic Electric Transportation Company of Buffalo, New York. The $1,200 runabout used a 24-volt electric motor and had a top speed of around 20 miles per hour. Drive was via chain to the left rear wheel. The body was built of aluminum tacked over a wooden frame. It weighed roughly 900 pounds with the 14-cell Exide battery which powered the car for up to 60 miles between charges. The company was absorbed by Walker Electric in the later 1920s. The most notorious Automatic Electric owner is pictured in your photo. He was the eccentric (note the floppy hat and giant bow tie) son of a wealthy widow in Boston, Mass. He loved electric gadgets and owned several electric cars. He used this one (with the doors removed for easy entry) to run around his estate. He equipped his little car with a radio — you can see it laying down on the hood — which he used to inform the Boston Harbor patrol of questionable activities. His name escapes me, but you can read all about him and his little car in my book, “Orphan Babies: America’s Forgotten Economy Cars” Volume 1. (See )

  2. The picture at the top was taken at Green’s estate outside Padanaram, MA. Called “Round Hill,” it’s now a private development. Spectacular property. It’s on the front lawn of the estate; that’s his “summer home” in the background.

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