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The Other Side of the Showroom in Cooperstown, New York


Here is another view of the same upstate New York dealership we featured recently that contained an interesting mix of Chrysler and Packard cars and even a pair of speed boats. This evidently was the lower-priced side of the agency where the Plymouth was displayed. Note the different wheels and tires on the two 1932 Plymouths that are right-side up. The smaller disc wheels with the wider tires on the attractive Convertible Coupe on the right look like General Streamline Jumbos to us despite the Seiberling Tire sign right behind it.

Ply2       Ply5       Ply3

Every major tire manufacturer attempted to market a jumbo tire in the early thirties, but the additional cost of buying a full set of wheels to mount them offset the promised advantage of a smoother ride for most buyers and the idea fizzled out. It was evidently quite the thing back then to tip a car on it’s side to display it’s undercarriage to prospective buyers as you can also see in this photo of a Hudson agency and another in a Nash showroom. You’ll find our earlier photo of this dealership and many more garages and showrooms from many different eras on The Old Motor. Photo courtesy of the New York Historical Society.

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